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Medical Intuitive ~ DNA Communicator ~ Healing at the level of DNA ~ Energy Healer ~ Matrix Energetics ~ Red & Infrared Light Therapy ~ Fun, Interactive Sessions
Appointments are offered via Skype and also in-person.
Click here to schedule an appointment via my online calendar.
You may want to start with your PHYSICAL health ... but that's just the beginning.
Here's an overview of appointments focused on working with the body.
If you're interested in having more information about the ins and outs of your unique body, its DNA, chemistry, and other medical information, then you'll appreciate a consultation.
However, these are so much more than ordinary appointments!!!
You will come away with SO MUCH MORE than just information.

Think BIG!

Once you've had an appointment or two, your body will begin self-correcting anything we've worked with. You'll begin improving your health from the ground up.

I am always "playing with energy", so information aside, your body WILL begin updating itself, whether you want to look at that from the perspective of the cells, DNA, chemistry, organs, body systems (e.g., digestion, nervous system, endocrine system, etc.)... as well as energy flows, meridians, chakras, stem cells, or any other perspective. There is always a lot happening!

As we work with things in your appointments, your own body will begin to figure out how to find its own corrections. It will re-sequence or self-correct itself.
By working with the genes, chemistry, diet and nutrients, alignment, body systems and many, many other pieces (such as exposure to toxins, injuries, untreated illnesses, and more) that are related to your your unique health issues, your body begins healing from the bottom up... from the very core.
Often, there are MANY different things that have all come together to create your unique health situation. You are most likely only touching the tip of the iceberg if you work with the symptoms, and often, you may even end up aggravating the situation...

What you'll also find is that for each thing we address, as your body adds back functionality it may have lost, other processes can begin to work better... and so it continues.

I will help you work from the bottom up, and the beauty of this system is that it is long-term, and continues on long after appointments are over.

You see, initially, only a few cells may "implement" the new patterns, but over a period of approximately 7 years, almost all of the cells in your body will have turned over at least once, and many of them more times. (That's not absolutely correct, but you get the idea.) As each cell turns over, the NEW cells also then implement the updated or corrected patterns, so as time passes, your body continues to change and implement newer patterns.

I am aware that this is continuing to happen, for example, in clients I might have worked with even as long as 8 years ago...
You see, your body would LOVE to heal itself, and it does the best it can, but usually it begins by putting in place a work-around for something... and then another work-around on top of that... and another, and another... and by the time you develop symptoms of one type or another, your body doesn't remember how to go back to the starting place... before the work-arounds.

Usually, within a few appointments with me, people's bodies begin adjusting... their DNA implements "corrections"... things happen.
Please read the Case Studies Intro page for much more information about what the appointments/consultations are about.
In any case, you're very likely to come away from an appointment with lots of helpful information about your body and your health, along with steps you can take to quickly improve it, customized just for you, and based on your current health, your unique DNA, and more.

Generally, within a few appointments, I'll be aware of things your body has been fixing, new pieces that have come up, etc., and places where an "adjustment or two" would be helpful... and each appointment builds on previous appointments.
My work is based on an extensive understanding of the body and the DNA, and I have an ability to help people find amazing answers to their medical questions.
I also work with the genes that are related to many core health issues, using my understanding of chromosomes and all the many variations on the genes... and beyond that, whether your body even has the most basic building blocks it needs.
You may also like to...
... ask about foods, allergies, deficiencies and more, and you will receive help in ways you hadn't expected
... what steps to take to begin helping your body make sense of things
at the most core levels, to support your DNA and your innate health.
Our bodies can heal much better if we address things in an order that makes sense...
... especially if we can deal with underlying things that affect many different symptoms.
(It's usually better to put the horse before the cart!)
... ask which body systems are on "the top of the stack" for your health issues.
and receive practical information to help
Each consultation is completely personalized for you. No two appointments are ever the same!

Appointment Logistics: Scheduling, Availability, Pricing, and Other Helpful Information
Schedule a Consultation
Appointments are either in-person, or by Skype or Zoom, Pacific Time (west coast), and are approximately 1 hour.
Schedule online:    Click here to schedule an appointment online or to check for availability.
Pricing for Appointments
Appointments are currently $265, with package prices as low as $240.
First-Appointment Special Offers are also available.
Click here for PRICING info.
About the pricing:

With medical intuition, I am highly accurate and provide leading-edge information that looks deep within the body, the DNA, your specific chemistry, and much more. Everything is very much individualized for each and every person.

Along with the information comes lots of healing energy at a very, very deep level... and it works within your body long after our appointments. You will quickly see that there is so much more information and healing energy than you could have imagined. 

Not only that, but it's like getting a psychic reading and a healing session all at once, as there will be many shifts happening within your DNA, and your body will be learning new things... and also continuing to update cells using the new patterns even as time goes by. You know, like the somewhat correct idea that "Every cell in the body will have turned over one or more times every seven years"... the changes are ongoing.

It takes a lot of energy to do this work, especially at this very deep level. It usually takes me several hours per day to clear energy after my appointments. 
By the way, based on feedback that I get from people, I can almost guarantee you that will greatly appreciate your appointment(s) and will no doubt come away feeling that you benefited greatly.

In-Person Appointments will be coming soon, in Waldport, Oregon!
In-person appointments should be available within the coming months, in Waldport, Oregon, once I get settled there!
Appointment Calendar
You may either schedule an appointment via my online calendar, or you may also simply use the calendar to check on available appointments, and then send an email with your request, and I can schedule it for you.
Availability of appointments
My calendar is sometimes quite booked up, but there are always last-minute scheduling changes needed, and sometimes, appointments do open up. If you would like to be put on my waiting list, please let me know. (Email: )
Appointment Times are Pacific Time (Oregon State). Please keep in mind any time differences.
You may choose to use the convenience of scheduling online using the "with credit-card hold" option.
Payment at the time of the appointment can then use the card on file... but you may also choose a different payment type at checkout.
If you don't choose to schedule online using the "with credit-card hold" option, then for Skype appointments, please pre-pay for your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time.  Click here to pay via PayPal.

If you choose to pay by check for online appointments, please send the check well ahead of time. (Mailing address will be provided on request.)
Payment methods: PayPal, Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), and checks.
   (Mailing address for checks will be provided.)

Let's celebrate health!

Appointment Format
Skype and Zoom Appointments
... for video, although the audio (voice) connection for appointments is often by telephone.
In-Person Appointments
In-Person appointments
(Address will be provided on request.)
Waldport, Oregon
*** Note: These appointments are in my home office.
After trying out several other office formats, I am now well aware
that working from my home office is by far the best option all around.
My office may be wheelchair accessible on request. Please ask or let me know if you have special needs.
Please schedule online for both Skype and In-person appointments! Thanks.
Length: Aproximately 1 hour
Timezone: Pacific time
A webcam is a must for Skype or Zoom consultations!
If your appointment is by Skype or Zoom (video chat), then you must have a computer with a webcam.
It is important for me to be able to see you.
For your appointment
Once you've made an appointment, I will send you a welcome email with more information.

Since I don't always get a chance to send the email immediately, I'm including some of the text of it here.

If you are just thinking about an appointment, you may find some helpful information below, such as about the childhood photos and lab work.
From the email...
Here are just a few important things that I have found are helpful to communicate ahead of time.

Appointment Format:
Video consultations are via Skype, or if you prefer, Zoom will work as well.
A webcam will be necessary, as I will need to see you!
All appointments are 1 hour (give or take a little).
Appointment times are in Pacific (west coast) time, so please adjust the time for your time-zone.

At the time of the appointment
I will initially call you via phone at the time of your appointment. Once we’re connected by phone, then I’ll add a video call via Skype (or Zoom, if you’ve specified that). In Skype, all you need to do to answer is click on the green video camera that pops up in Skype with the incoming call, and you and I will then be able to see each other.
You should be able to find me in Skype by searching under the email address Then you can send me an invitation to connect in Skype. If you’re not sure how to do this, simply send me your Skype username, or the email address you would be using with your Skype account, and I’ll find you and send an invitation.

Audio for the appointment is by phone
Audio for the appointment is usually by phone (but can be by computer if the internet connection and sound quality are good.)
I often use the phone for the audio connection, since the sound is much better and more reliable through the phone over the Internet.
I will use the phone you listed in the scheduling system, unless you let me know otherwise.
I will call you at the time of the consultation (and I ask that you please forgive me if I am running a few minutes late… that sometimes that happens as I am trying to finish up an appointment for a client just before you).

What to wear:
Please wear something comfortable. For now, it’s helpful if you avoid wearing lots of black or grey.

Childhood photos
If you happen to have any childhood photos of yourself that you can email to me before your appointment, that would be really, really extra helpful, as I can use them to find earlier or more correct DNA and gene patterns that may be helpful in the present.
Any photos up until the age of 15 or so, and if you have several, at different ages, for example, that’s even better. Please feel free to send as many as you like.
If you do have childhood photos, please send them to me well ahead of the appointment day, so that I have time to print them out before the appointment! If they’re already digital, great… and if they’re not, you could either scan them if you have scanner, or photograph them using your smartphone. All photos are greatly appreciated.
If you have lots of photos and would prefer to use a DropBox account to send them to me rather than emailing them, please let me know.

If you are planning to work with physical/health issues and have recent/relevant blood work, x-rays, scans, or anything else, those results will be helpful, as they will give me a LOT of information, and I can quickly use them to find more “pieces of your puzzle”. For example, with blood work, sometimes a level is that is between “normal values” will stand out to me, and I’ll know that something related to that is off or incorrect.
You’re welcome to email them also, or post them via DropBox. We probably won’t get to this in our first appointment, though, unless you are looking for help with a highly critical health situation and would greatly appreciate my input as soon as possible.

Health and Diet Questionnaire
If you are planning to work with physical/health issues at all, then please let me know, and I will send you a copy of my health and diet questionnaire. If you have a chance to fill out some of the information ahead of time, then I will be starting with a more solid baseline of information, which will expedite how quickly I can begin finding the deeper, more relevant things that will be helpful to you.
If you would like me to send you the questionnaire, please let me know.

More Information
It would be really helpful if you read the disclaimer ahead of time. Thanks!
The information on this site, and any information I provide in a consultation, is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. It should never be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
Please note that I am not allowed to diagnose. That is something your physician must do. (I can, however, help you to find things that your physician may want to check, and it's not out of the question that genes may come up that are named or described with a particular "issue" that may help.)
All information I provide is to be used only within the context of “this matches”, or “here’s an avenue that may help…”, or “you may want to consider this”, and should not be used as a “diagnosis”. Even when I say or write words as if “something is”, please remember that there are always “implied” words there as well, such as “It feels like…”
Please remember as well that the information that comes through during a consultation is intended specifically for the client … and even there, it is that individual’s responsibility to consult with his/her medical health practitioners about any recommendations that are provided.
As well, everyone is unique, and something that applies to one individual, may or may not apply to others. Even when there are generalities and something applies to many individuals, there may still be exceptions.
Please use this information responsibly, and remember to check with your medical health practitioners.
You are solely responsible for what you do with any information I have provided or that you find on this site, or any related websites.
Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information that I have provided or because of something you have read on this website.
Referral Program
It's really easy! I'm looking for clients, and I'm sure you'd appreciate a bonus!
So, for any referrals that you send my way, I'm really exceptionally grateful.
If your referral ends up having 3 or more appointments over a period of the next 6 months or so, you'll receive a $20 discount...
I'll keep track and let you know.
Please be sure to have them mention that you referred them. Thanks.

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Joy is highly
medically intuitive.

She likes to help
people put together
the pieces of
their health puzzles,
often finding the most
amazing core pieces
right within the genes.

She has an
extensive understanding
of the body and DNA, helping people to find amazing answers to their medical questions.

Joy is also known as
The Joyful Healer.