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Tuning in to Heal
The following is a somewhat edited version of an article that was published in Venture Inward magazine in the January to March 2010 edition. My name at the time was still Christina McEntire, I was living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I was also referred to as "The Joyful Healer."
(This version has a bit of additional information, as well as a few other edits.)
Venture Inward is a magazine published by Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
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Article from Venture Inward Magazine
  Tuning In To Heal   Tuning In To Heal
When I was a teenager, I read "There is a River" by Thomas Sugrue. I was fascinated by the idea of sleeping on a book and knowing all of the information in it. There were many nights when I hopefully tucked a book under my pillow before I went to sleep, just like Edgar Cayce had done. Alas, I don’t think I ever woke up any smarter in the morning.

Now, nearly thirty years later, I find myself “reading” books by scanning their pages with my palms. I’m referring to medical books, like anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology. I don’t have the ability to access the information at a conscious level, as Edgar Cayce was able to do, yet the information is available to me in my healing work. Let me explain…

Over the past year, I moved from working as a computer programmer to becoming a medical intuitive and an energy healer. This began one day in March 2008 when I started receiving “guidance” in my physical body, which initially took the form of my hands tuning into the energy flow around my body, like a constant flow of spontaneous Qigong. As I let the energy guide me, this progressed to physical guidance in almost all areas of my life, including among other things, encouragement to continue with energy exercises, and guidance on what food to choose and how to prepare it.

Around this time, I also began tuning into guidance from the angels and was told that I was a healer. The angels indicated that if I stayed tuned into the flow of the energy, I would be ready to begin healing work within a few months. Sure enough, at the end of July I was prompted to leave my job and to move to Virginia Beach to begin my healing work.

As part of the learning process, I was prompted to “scan” things with my palms — things like shelves of vitamins at the health food store, bulletin boards displaying business cards and events, labels of the food I was buying, and finally, books.
Scanning books
In the beginning, I was skeptical. I asked myself, “What in the world am I doing? I must look like I’m crazy, standing here at this bulletin board, scanning business cards with my hands.” Yet the results started surprising me. For example, there was the time I knew I needed a new photo of myself for my website, and when I got to the bulletin board, my guidance immediately directed me to a business card that had fallen down behind another one, tucked away. It was of a professional photographer!

It wasn’t long before I was scanning people’s palms when they came for healing sessions. However, unlike scanning textbooks, I was able to consciously access information about the individual’s anatomy and physiology, as my guidance would give me relevant details about what was going on in the body.
Scanning books
The textbooks I scanned became helpful from a medical intuition standpoint. The energy of an illness in someone’s body would “match” an energy pattern of an illness in the textbook. For example, lupus has a unique energy signature, as does fibromyalgia, even though the physical cause of both comes up as toxicity in the body. I easily recognize patterns I have been exposed to, even if the client is not yet having symptoms of illness.

In the beginning, I had to “match” a few more of the patterns. For example, I had a client for whom my guidance said that there was something going on in the bones and that it was some form of malignancy, but it was different than standard cancer tumors. As I scanned through the relevant sections of my textbooks, my “energy” found a match in multiple myeloma with my guidance confirming also that some of the other indicators were also present, such as changes in the bones of the skull.

Although I am given information about an illness in the body, the focus of the guidance I receive is rarely on the illness. My guidance explains that, since the mind builds patterns, focusing on the illness creates a denser energy around it and reinforces it, whereas if we simply give the body new patterns of health, then the body can respond positively.

As I did more and more healing sessions, the process of scanning the energy of clients continued to deepen and refine itself, until I moved from passively scanning and receiving information from palms, to actively creating and updating patterns in the body. According to my guidance, these updates can best be described as updating and correcting the DNA of individuals.

Updates apparently happen in two ways: firstly, as “corrections” and secondly, as what I would call “fast-track evolution”.

Corrections are patterns that are updated in the body, including corrections to physiology, that give the body the information it needs to repair genes so that they no longer carry patterns of disease (such as heart disease, fibromyalgia, etc.). Corrections also include patterns that increase the production of various enzymes and hormones that tend to decline as we age, such as digestive enzymes, DHEA, and many others. I am told this ultimately slows down the aging process and helps the body to have more health and vitality.

A good example of fast-track evolution would be teaching the pancreas to produce new enzymes for digesting cooked fish and chicken. This is a pattern that “we” (my guidance, my body, and I) developed over a period of time. Initially, my guidance had been advising me to barely cook fish, so that the enzymes were still present, enabling my body to digest the protein so that it did not cause problems in the body. I had also been advised to avoid chicken. This is no longer the case, as my body now has the ability to produce the enzymes needed to digest both cooked fish and chicken. Having developed the patterns, they are now passed on to others in healing sessions. The patterns that enabled my body to create the new enzymes were created from scanning three sources: 1) the enzyme present in the raw fish itself 2) the information gleaned from my physical body and, 3) the medical textbooks. This example illustrates that, even though I didn’t have a conscious recollection of the information in the textbooks I scanned, it was available and integrated on other levels.

Other examples of fast-track evolution patterns include increasing the oxygenation of cells, and also the recognition of toxins, such as accumulated loads of pesticides and medications, heavy metals, and more. After receiving and learning the patterns for toxins, the body has the intelligence to begin releasing stored toxins and immediately eliminating any new ones at the time they are ingested or received.

Many patterns have immediately noticeable effects. Most clients immediately went into detox after their first healing session, and several sessions later, I receive confirmation that their bodies are carrying less toxicity. Most clients are also absorbing nutrients much better within a few sessions, having received corrected patterns for the production of digestive enzymes.

Other patterns take longer for the body to accept, but once the healthy patterns are set, the body recognizes them, and eventually accepts and follows the new healthy pattern. The body has an intelligence within itself that strives to maintain balance and harmony and health, and when we re-educate it and enable it to recognize, integrate and function with new patterns of health, we allow it to return to its natural state of vibrant health.
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