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Why an appointment for working with your HEALTH?
... Like "What would I ask? And how would it help me?"
You don't ever need to come in with a specific issue, or even a question...

Wanting to IMPROVE your health and vitality is a great place to start!!!

Each appointment is so very individual, and in initial appointments, the first health-related information that comes through for each person is always very specific for him or her, and almost always comes with details or a direction that they find very helpful.

I sometimes have expectations going into a first appointment, but more often than not, the energy surprises me, and no two people are ever alike.
So although you may already have read the Appointments page and the Case Studies Intro page, and you may be thinking that it's all far too in-depth for your needs, appointments are almost always much more "general" these days than what you read in the case studies.

You’ll may find yourself starting with just one topic, or one question, and you’ll find that there’s much more personalized information available to you than you might have imagined.

Or, you may decide you'd simply like some help with diet and supplements... and that info usually also comes through so customized to you, focusing on your specific needs and building blocks...

So relax!
Just start... somewhere. Anywhere...
Begin creating Health-for-Life!
"The longer
you wait
for the future,
the shorter it will be."
You can choose to work with ANYTHING at all. You'll probably come away surprised...
For now, here are a few ideas, to get you started:

Food and diet
I always start by quickly helping people to begin bringing BALANCE to the body… and one of the easiest ways to do that is to work with someone's diet.
Food is a quantifiable thing in everybody's body!
No matter WHAT is in your DNA and your genes, what you eat can make or break your health.
Your diet modifies your DNA!
What you are currently eating, and what you have eaten since the moment you were born, has impacted your health (... and we could go back even farther... prenatal, etc.)
I am currently working on leading-edge, VERY CORE principles that you can use to easily understand what your own body is asking for.
Think very basic chemistry... more basic even than your DNA.
Can your body even MAKE the core components that make up your DNA and the DNA backbone? Even that has chemistry!
Here's a diagram of the nucleobases that form part of your DNA:
DNA Nucleobases
The "chemistry" of the nucleobases that are your "DNA Alphabet"
Doesn't that look like "chemistry" to you?
You can put supplements into your body all you like... but you HAVE to start with the most core diet first! (Supplements will only farther impact your chemistry.)
This is just a little intro... one tiny little bit about your body. Also, where it's helpful, I will present the info with illustrations, chemistry, and more... You'll learn a lot!
... and not only that, but you'll find that the information is presented SPECIFICALLY for YOU.
If your "molecule" is up-side-down... or the hydrogen bonds are too weak, or that HC3 on the thymine is having a bit of difficulty, or whatever it is that is relevant for YOU, that's the information you'll be given.
Along with all of that, we'll also take a look at some of the practical steps that you can take to begin correcting your body.
We could easily spend an entire appointment, and more, going over your diet... There's so much information available about what's healthy, but what is correct FOR YOU?

More things you might like to work with...
~ Supplements
~ Allergies
~ Weight loss
~ Body and Spinal Alignment
~ Other health conditions
~ Recent injuries
~ Stop and even undo DNA mutations from old accidents and injuries
~ Release harmful neurotoxins from the brain
      ... such as pesticides, heavy metals, anesthetics, teflon, and more
~ Head injuries: Undo some of the hidden yet ongoing damage from head injuries
          (These are the things that show up on the SPECT scans...
              See the book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Dr. Daniel Amen)
~ Give a "voice" to your DNA ... you'll be surprised and sometimes amused at what it wants to communicate!)

Are you taking lots of supplements? Many people are...
Are they really helping you?
How do you decide which ones to take?
Are you taking a version that's actually "potent"?
Do you have any idea which ones are actually helpful for YOUR body, or how they're interacting with your chemistry and your genes?
I can QUICKLY and very easily help you to easily know which ones are helpful for you, and which are not...
The bigger question is, actually, what is happening at the level of your DNA when you take a lot of supplements, and continue taking them over time?
What are you creating for your long-term health when you don't really know what each one is doing, and how they are all interacting together?
At the very least, taking supplements that are correct for you, and only those that are actually helpful, can save you a lot of money!

Weight loss...
What a huge topic this is!
Especially "Diets"...
Wouldn't you love to have some help making sense of it all... especially as it relates to you?
Which diet, if any...?
Will it work?
Will you keep the weight off?
What will the long-term consequences be?
Would you like to know how your body "thinks" every time you go on a diet?
One of the scenarios that has come up several times goes something like this:
"Oh boy, we're hungry! This is uncomfortable. My DNA is constantly noticing how empty everything is. I'd better keep adjusting my DNA and metabolic pathways to burn less fat, so that next time, we won't need to be hungry!
Read that as something like:
"... let's put on a few pounds as soon as there's a ready food supply again, so that we won't be hungry again!"
Oh dear... How many work-arounds do you thing your genes and body chemistry are creating in every single "go on a diet" situation?
So might there be possible modifications you could make to a given diet that will make it healthier for you, and make it more likely that you'll keep the weight off?
Wouldn't you rather work to correct the underlying parts of YOUR UNIQUE puzzle that add into your equation, such as...
... maybe undoing some of the work-arounds your body has already put into place?
... looking at some of the basic things your body is craving, that maybe you're not getting...
... or maybe one of the BMIQ (body mass index) genes is impacting your predisposition to weight gain...
... or your leptins aren't coding well at all... as might the be the case in a leptin receptor deficiency...
... there are also other things that regularly come up, including:
~ thyroid
~ metabolism
~ hormones
~ pancreas, which can affect blood sugar levels and enzyme production
~ exercise (needless to say...)
~ addictions (e.g., sugar)
~ other genes
~ unique situations for each individual
~ and more!

Body and Spinal Alignment
Unlock your Alignment! This is a really helpful and important thing to work with!
I have a life-sized flexible model skeleton, and some of my clients swear by it!
"Please get out your skeleton..." they say. "He's my best friend. Can you help me with my ribs, please?"

Invariably, the places where someone's alignment are off will come through very clearly when I have my skeleton out... whether it's something new and more acute, or a more long-term chronic thing. I work on people on my skeleton, and somehow, their bodies update genes, and with time, their bodies begin processing new patterns.

Did you know that your alignment is also in your DNA?
Your body: "This muscle is a little bit tight here... let's just pull the vertebra over this way, to hold that there for a bit..."
... and/or...
"That injury shortened a tendon, nobody knew how to correct it at the time, so, let's just call it short, and walk a little lopsided..."
 ... and on it goes through your life. Add in poor posture, various stresses from living, more injuries, tight muscles, lack of chiropractic appointments, lack of exercise, and more... and you have yourself a very unique spine! 

DNA affects your life and your health, and your health and your life affect your DNA. It goes both ways.

So when I work on clients on my model skeleton, I'm finding the patterns in the DNA... and when the body can release the traumas and the genes start behaving, then the spine begins aligning.

No pushing and pulling... except on my model skeleton, and I guarantee you that that looks pretty comical sometimes!
It's very interesting, but often when I'm working on the skeleton for the first time with someone, I find all kinds of big things... I'll call them injuries.

You see, every time you have a significant injury, your body comes to the rescue, and starts trying to heal the area... but it doesn't usually manage to fix everything correctly.

Car accidents, falling down the stairs, falling on your tailbone in the skating rink, falling off your bike, tumbling down the ski-slope with your skis on, horseback riding injuries... and all those other events, THEY END UP IN YOUR GENES!

Some people have had a lot of injuries... and for every place on the skeleton I might reach to, they say... Oh yeah... when I was ___ years old, I ___". It's all there! I always get the places right on...

And when they can't remember what it is, I'll "reach" and I might say "This is something around the time you were around ___ years old" ... and if they need more prompting, then more information comes, until they remember whatever it was. 

It's all there. Your body remembers.

The nice thing is that when your own patterns are more correct and match the patterns that your chiropractor is trying working with, then there's a greater chance that you'll actually HOLD the adjustments you get from your chiropractor...

Instead of "Well, that's okay, but it doesn't match my pattern yet...", your back will likely say "Oh great! This matches! I think I'll keep it!"

Other health conditions, such as...
~ Chronic pain... any type at all
~ Digestive issues
~ Fatigue
~ Sleep issues
~ Depression
There may be any number of causes for depression, but which one is yours? Or are there several factors...?
~ Nervous system problems
~ Skin conditions
... also often not what they might seem to be
~ Migraine headaches
~ etc.

Correcting DNA

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