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Early in 2008, I was just an ordinary person living an ordinary life, without any intuition of any kind. Formerly a registered nurse, I was now following a successful business career as a computer programmer with extensive database design and programming experience. I also still had an ongoing interest in natural health, nutrition, and other natural healing methods, something I've been fascinated with since my early teenage years.

One day in March of 2008, while attempting to treat a headache with a Quantum Touch technique that I had read about, a flow of energy began in my body, followed by many other fascinating experiences.

As I tuned into the energy flow, I began receiving guidance in my physical body, assisting me with my choices and tasks in the physical world. The energy guided me to do many exercises, which I later understood helped my to increase my intuition and tune into guides that were present, not to mention aligning meridians and many other major energy flows and centers. The energy of my entire life shifted in the most beautiful way.

I began "listening" (intuitively) to the energy, and was guided to go on a raw food diet for a while. A key focus of the guidance was encouraging me to find a connection with everything I interacted with.

My body continued guiding me, physically. For example, when I was in the stores, I would be guided to choose the things that were in “good energy”; when preparing food, I would be guided to choose foods and spices that were most helpful to my body, and to avoid foods that were apparently "not in harmony"; as I shopped at the health food store, I was guided to “absorb” the energy of some of the foods and supplements; I was encouraged to tune into things that had beautiful energies; and I was guided to release everything in my life that was in “poor energy”.

I was told I was preparing to become a healer. The time eventually came when I received the guidance to leave my flourishing programming profession, move from North Carolina to Virginia Beach, and become “The Joyful Healer”. Guess what I did? I moved! And I became a healer! (I've since moved to Washington State.)

Healing sessions initially involved working in the auras of clients to release past traumas from cell memories, and helping them physically. However, I began to become medically intuitive.

I also soon found myself "reading" books, not only by physically reading them, but also by scanning their pages with my palms. I’m referring to medical books, like anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology. (I would physically read them as well!) ... and while I don’t have the ability to access the information I've scanned at a conscious level, the information is available to me in my healing work. Sometimes I would spend a lot of time on specific pages that came up, and I was soon able to match up symptoms of clients with the energy signatures of various illnesses. Each illness has a very unique energy signature. Needless to say, my nursing background was a big help along the way, as I was able to understand the medical terminology, and had also been around real "cases".

Soon I became highly medical intuitive, easily recognizing patterns, even if the client was not yet having symptoms of illness... and it wasn’t long before I was scanning people’s palms when they came for healing sessions. However, unlike scanning textbooks, I was able to consciously access information about the individual’s anatomy and physiology, as my guidance would give me relevant details about what was going on in the body.

As I did more and more healing sessions, the process of scanning the energy of clients continued to deepen and refine itself, until I began to actively create and update patterns in the body. These updates might best be described as providing corrected versions of various genes, as far as I could understand at the time. 

I would also know exactly what foods were correct for each individual to help them heal, which supplements would be helpful, along with more detailed information about the client's physical body. For example, I would know which body systems and organs were related to symptoms, and which order each thing needed to be looked at for an individual to heal. As each healed, the next level would move to the "top of the stack".

At the present time, I use a combination of all the many things I've learned over the years, beginning with the foundation I started with. I help people to heal, and I do so easily, and quickly.

I work on many different levels. I like to help people put together the pieces of their health puzzles, and I provide practical information that uses my extensive background, often finding core pieces right within the genes.  I also usually provide individuals with information about safe, natural and effective things that they can do to continue with their journeys of health and healing on their own.

One of the most amazing things I've found is that there is constantly yet another door opening for finding new and unique ways to look at health, DNA, and the chemistry and other factors that are core to the functioning of DNA. "The more you know, the more you realize the less you know..."

When I began working with with medical intuition,  I was also working as a healer, using some very unique but very effective healing techniques, along with substantially increasing energy flows through and between body systems, all of the internal organs, releasing many things from cell memories along the way that blocked the flow of core energy available to the body for healing.

That part has grown since tremendously since then, now bringing that connectivity and flow through to the level of the DNA and each individual cell.

So needless to say, healing is also part of the journey of helping others. Some of the healing that comes most naturally to me is knowing where the energy lines are not moving, or where injuries and things are stuck in cell memories... and then "releasing them". Energy needs to flow... and with the flows, come corrected patterns, and an ability to heal at much deeper levels.

I continue to learn and evolve my practice. It's ongoing. I still read textbooks about genetics, cell biology, health, and more. Also, I still "learn" by "scanning" medical and other textbooks with my hands. I have to admit that it's been a rather fascinating process!

At this time, I offer medical intuition consultations to help individuals find information that will be helpful to their healing, based on my extensive "knowing" of what works.
Consultations are offered both in-person and by Skype.

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