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Profile ~ A Personal Note
This excerpt from my Christmas letter of December 2019 summarizes so many things really nicely.
I've noticed that the one thing that seems to hold true in my life is that nothing ever stands still… my "mission" included.

I’m given that “Healing is my purpose. Health is the mission.”

I first journeyed into this world of healing as “The Joyful Healer” in 2008, playing with energy in ways I knew were new, but didn’t understand.

I was given information along the way, ever-changing, and ever-evolving, always shaping the work I was doing… eventually moving through to the spiritual, and then, when I least expected it, back to the physical body, with NEW, deeper, healing abilities, now bringing the DNA into the healing modality.

It’s exciting! For every new core area I evolve through, there is always a “next”. Everything builds on everything else, but the core layers continue to evolve, and with that, the ability to heal more from the inside out.
A few years ago, DNA was added to the mix, along with a few of the bigger pieces that underlie the DNA’s ability to function…
… then, the very life-giving cerebrospinal fluid, learning that with an increased flow of cerebrospinal fluid comes more stem cells…

… and the stem cells open up yet more doors…

… now the brain, and a few more of the pieces that lie behind neuroplasticity, and finding ways to undo chronic brain pain maps as we explore the neuronal networks…

… and it will continue on, effortlessly, as it always has, each new area opening into new sequences that move ever forward.

What I learned, however, is that I can’t work with the physical body without bringing healing into the picture… I had thought I might be able to just focus on the physical health information… but it wasn’t possible.

As I play with the physical, we’re connecting also to the matrix of energy that is all around, and I’ve learned that it has to move! … and that’s why I love playing with it! Information is fine, and it’s helpful, but when the matrix of energy starts moving, that’s when everyone feels better!

So, I’m back to acknowledging that I have to be a healer, as well as medical intuitive. Information is nothing without all the healing that comes along with it … the field of consciousness that understands, and that asks that the body and the cells to participate…

By the way, communicating with the body is fascinating! I remember one lady, and when we started talking with her cells, the body’s response was “What… you’re over 70 years old, and NOW you’re finally deciding to communicate with me??? It’s about time!”

It’s ALWAYS a great time to learn to listen to our bodies… and to appreciate them, and look after them as well as we can!

So, take some time to appreciate YOU. You’ll find that you can probably appreciate others more when you’ve taken time for yourself.

Find the quiet moments… rest, think uplifting thoughts, read, meditate and smile…

… then balance it out with laughter and play, maybe some exercise or dancing… and spend time with people (and animals) you care about. Touch also goes a long way, so try for the quota of 8 hugs a day that are recommended.

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