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Case Studies Intro
I've decided to share my notes, so that you might have some inkling about how intricately the human body is designed... These notes are about the DNA-delving that we end up doing in a good number of appointments.
You'll see so many different things here that it boggles the brain as to how the body can manage all of this.
I can't begin to explain what I do ... It's not possible to encapsulate it in just a few words.
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Disclaimer: By skipping to the Case Studies, you acknowledge that you have read all of the information on this page, and specificially including the Disclaimer at the bottom.
I must pause for a moment here, and give great big kudos to all the scientists, researchers, biologists, and geneticists who are so diligently working on all of this...
Until you begin looking, you can't imagine the huge quantity of really accurate information out there... and the huge dedication it must take to keep everything available at a really high level of integrity in programs such as the gene map databases such as OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) and Ensembl... and Wikipedia, and also not to mention the leading edge textbooks for graduate studies... and more! WOW!
... and you'll have to forgive me for using Wikipedia, again and again. I am well aware that some consider it a "questionable authority", but first of all, please believe me, I won't be using any information that isn't yet up-to-date or well-referenced. If it's not correct, I'll know!!!

Second of all, if there is another program that exists that explains so much, provides diagrams with chemical structures, references genes, and links to all the other pieces of the biological information, and is diligently kept as up-to-date as possible, then I haven't yet found it.

I could spend hours upon days upon weeks, trying to follow these same threads, using textbooks, other "qualified medical websites", and other outdated techniques, but thank goodness, I don't need to!
Wikipedia pulls together so many links and references, in whatever form you can imagine... Part of my job is to find answers... and quickly! Wikipedia allows this eloquently.
So, whoever knew that the human body could do all of this?
... and the more we learn, the deeper again we can go. Who only knows where we'll be in another 20 years or so!
I find myself sitting in my chair following a consultation sometimes, just marveling at what has come up, where we went, what we found... and how, magically sometimes, the pieces of someone's intricate puzzle come together.
But what is amazing, is that in the midst of all the intricacies, you'll also see the same patterns again and again:
...that for so many consultations, and invariably at some point for every single individual, the pattern is that for almost any route we take, the results are that we find our way to the very core of a bigger issue of some kind...  the very beginning, whatever form that takes, and that is usually something really profound!
It's often something that underlies many things... seemingly unrelated sometimes, but oh-so-revealing.
The question always is, where did the pattern unravel? Was it something in the individual's life, or their very DNA... or something basic in their chemistry that underlies many other processes...?
... and so, how can we begin to find the main places in each person's individual chemistry, biology and DNA that created the beginning of whatever symptoms or telltale signs that eventually catch up with them?
Each person is exceptionally unique and is the unqualified "owner" of his or her own DNA... or Genome, if you prefer.
So read on...

About the Consultation Notes
Please note that this is from a period time several years ago, when we were focusing very much on this level of detail in appointments.

Several of my clients worked with me at this level for quite a while, but understandably so, it wasn't quite interesting enough to most of them. They found they would much rather work with the more FUN energy, and things that were more easily understandable to them.
The names of individuals have been changed to a "screen name".  The age listed on the consultation is their age on the consultation date.
Most of my clients to date are just everyday people, living ordinary lives. They have come for insights, often just looking for ways to improve their health.
I will endeavor to provide as many of the links as possible for the information that we "followed" during the consultations. Sometimes it's like following a trail, where each piece may provide a clue for another piece of information...
My clients almost always follow along with me as we go, even with Skype, as then we simply screenshare. So they see the DNA information pages, the diagrams and info in Wikipedia, or in my Kindle textbooks, and more.
You may ask "What in the world?"
"WHY did they need to see the information?"

"This is Greek to me... Am I supposed to understand any of this? Did THEY understand any of this?"
Please be patient... there is a very unique "method to the madness".  It's actually really neat...  and no, they don't need to understand it... just sort of pay attention, and their own DNA begins to "get" a few "corrected patterns".
Scientists may not quite yet agree, but that's only because the technology is in the process of being developed... Give them some  time... after all, they've learned how to correct a lot of things using some pretty unconventional methods. (Viruses? Are you kidding??? Okay, that and a lot more, and a lot of the things they're working with are pretty neat, and are already helping some people who previously would have had little or no hope, children included.)
Okay, so the idea, or what you really need to understand here, is that the body would LOVE to heal itself!

It's always trying to bring balance... just sometimes, it can't manage it... but it will always do its best to protect your most vital assets... your brain, and your heart. (Remember your CPR course? "Annie, Annie, are you okay?" ... Is your heart beating, and can the oxygen reach your brain?)

So sometimes the work-arounds your body puts in place result in "a few other things" no longer working well... but if it could, your own DNA will UPGRADE, so that more things could work better.

So now, if you would understand that your DNA is like an instruction manual...  so you can picture it as a cookbook... (that's a common analagy that's used). It's your recipes. YOUR recipes... Your own versions of recipes...

It literally is the instruction manual for creating and maintaining your body.

In the following illustrations, we'll use kitchen & food syntax, to easily represent things the DNA might be looking for...

Now imagine for a moment, that YOUR UNIQUE COOKBOOK has many recipes handed down from previous generations...
It also has many updates written in the margins.
Sometimes, you ... (or perhaps an ancestor...)  actually scribbled out an ingredient or two... or maybe even an entire recipe... or a few pages got damaged and are unreadable...
Sometimes the page number for a linked recipe got muddled... the intricate raspberry sauce for the creme brulee...
"What page is that on?
I can't find it... maybe I'll try a bit of this spinach sauce instead... I do have some extra spinach in my fridge..."
Or you've added new recipes, but didn't check that every single place you need it, has adapted... like maybe you forgot to add the page numbers for some of them in a few critical places. Now what?
We could go on and on and on... and sometimes it's magical when I'm in a consultation and describing somebody's "recipe book" to them.
Usually, the story tells itself:
"Oh, I needed some cream here for my ice cream... No cream today. Let's try some sticky rice instead..."
(My clients and I have had a great deal of amusement over some of the things that have come up!) 
... and so you begin to understand that not only do you need an up-to-date recipe book
... but also that the recipes require ingredients...
... and if we don't supply all the ingredients, your recipes say
 "Okay, fine, I'll adapt... let's see... What do we have on hand?".
.. and eventually, they just rewrite recipes, and the original versions are put aside, and in time, completely erased.
That's your DNA.
So now, it would correct itself, if it could, but it doesn't know how:
The recipes are too changed, and you no longer know how to fix YOUR very unique recipe book. It's too muddled, and the instructions are complex!
Gosh, it's a really great thing that we don't have to consciously tell our bodies how to function!!!
So that's enough for here. You can begin to understand
And that "method to my madness" that I mentioned earlier?
That's where the "DNA Communicator" comes in.
Your DNA just "sits in the appointment" with me, and it begins to "understand". IT will begin to shift, and heal, and follow new patterns.  Often, it contributes more information, and points us to another piece that's relevant.
(I'm given that I began to actively create and update patterns in the body early in my work, sometime around 2008.)
Maybe as you read through some of the case histories I'll be including here, the stories will tell themselves.

What about the Health-For-Life idea?
So what if all you want is simplicity, and beginning to feel better, or just to know that you're following a diet and lifestyle that will create long-term health for you?
It’s entirely possible that you might look at the case studies page and think that what I do is far too detailed and in-depth for what you're looking for. Let me just point out that the nature of what’s there is just “a possibility” for people who would like to understand and heal things from a deeper, gene- and DNA-based perspective.
The truth is that I always start by quickly helping people to begin bringing BALANCE to the body… looking at all of the big, core, underlying things, including finding where things have gone awry, or where something has stopped working so well (… sometimes that’s in accidents, injuries, and traumas, and I do help to release those things from cell memories… but it’s much more helpful than just that).
What if you understood a few basic (leading-edge but VERY CORE) principles which you could easily use to understand what your own body is asking for? Not based on intuition, but rather, based on something that’s very easily understandable, and also very "quantifiable"…
What if you were able to know a few things would quickly begin bringing balance to your body in a phenomenal way? You probably wouldn't hesitate to integrate those things in your life… especially if they were the most basic things and you understood WHY they might have such a big impact. (I'm very good at explaining everything, every step of the way.) These are also basic principles that you might very easily be able to explain to someone else.
Once I ask my basic questions, there’s a pretty direct path to figuring out what your body REALLY, really needs. Someday, I’ll be able to work this out as a “formula” that others can use, but for now, I still need to give people the information on a one-to-one personal basis.

A few more notes...
I will be adding consultation notes in bits and pieces... some from as far back as October 2016, or earlier.
In most of the earlier consultations, I didn't keep a record of all the different links we followed and pages we went to, nor all of the "quotes" for the pieces that are relevant. The newer ones are much easier to follow, and you'll have an easier time understanding the threads. Nevertheless, there are enough significant things even in the older ones, that I will be including most of them.
Also, some of the case studies are long, and timewise, may have covered more than one consultation. If you're looking for answers, you may find you'd like to schedule more than one, to provide the time to follow through to the core things we're looking for.
... and for some of them, I ended up continuing to research some of the threads after the consultation was over, and my notes will include all of that information as well. (Some of my clients will see those pieces out here in their cased histories... before I have a chance to see them again.)
Last but not least, there's the "language".
Do you really want to read, endlessly, "I am aware that..." "What it feels like is..."... "Based on what is coming up, we understand that..." etc.? I don't think so!
It would take forever to read through all my notes if I included all of that!
So please understand that that language is intended... and I can't ever say that anything is "for sure".
If the scientists had the correct tests, we could follow through and verify some of these findings... For now, though, they are trying to discover these very things that we're highlighting here, and finding, and maybe they'll find a few things that will help them. I hope that we might one day accept that there are people who understand more because they are "connected".
(What exactly do you think "hunches" are, such as when a researcher "gets a hunch" to think about something a different way... and ends up winning a nobel prize a long time down the road? Some of them are just "reading the next chapter"... before everyone else.)
So I am following threads, and trails. I am not a doctor, although I do have my R.N....
I can't ever prove any of this, but the trails we follow are so intricate, and we end up at places I never could have imagined... so then, your next question might be:
How accurate am I?
How can I tell you that over, and over, and over, I am right on?! Again and again, I am proved exceptionally accurate... and I KNOW things before science catches up and gets the test results... or sometimes they don't use the correct technology the first time, and their results are "incomplete" if you'd like to look at it that way...
So this client and friend of mine, who is very dear and sweet, fell. The doctors took x-rays, and then asked for an additional set of x-rays, as her upper arm was hurting, and they wondered if there was a fracture there.
The x-ray came back as "no fracture".

We talked by phone, and when she told me that they didn't find a fracture, I HAD to say "They missed it!(... like "Darn!") Why didn't they find it?"

(I knew it would help things if they knew there was actually a fracture there, because they would take much more care in handling her...

A few days later, she was still complaining of the pain in her upper arm, and so finally they did an MRI... and there it was. A fracture.
... and...
Another incident is that not too long ago, the cat of a client of mine was being treated for a kidney problem. In addition to that, the cat had all the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, and the vet sent off a sample for culture. I already knew that the sample would come back negative... because there was NO infection. (My client didn't dare tell this to the vet, though!) Needless to say, when the results came back, the vet was puzzled, because there was no trace of infection...
For many things, I don't have all the answers. I can tell when I've found something. I will usually know if something is correct... or if it's NOT correct...

And other times, I don't always have "the" answer immediately, but as you'll see, I usually have an idea of HOW to find an answer, or a piece of a puzzle that will direct us to where the answers are.

You will see this clearly as you read some of the case histories I'm sharing here... but you may have to read to the end to see how all the various pieces come together... or to learn how a simple event in someone's life may have triggered the whole result, as the genes simply "responded".

You might be surprised at the stories the clients pull from their memories... like when I say something like "Why is monosodium G coming up?" ... and they answer "Oh... well we lived in an oriental culture for several years, and everyone there just used it as a condiment, and so we did as well." You'll see many more examples of this.

If you have any medical background at all, you'll probably wonder how in the world we repeatedly find our way to a place where all of the puzzle pieces fit so neatly together... somewhere near the end of each consultation. It's a bit like "playing detective"... or going on a treasure hunt, if you prefer!

We're simply looking for the places where someone's DNA has sequenced work-arounds that are impacting their life and their health in the present-day.

The information on this site, and any information I provide in a consultation, is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. It should never be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
Please note that I am not allowed to diagnose. That is something your physician must do. (I can, however, help you to find things that your physician may want to check, and it's not out of the question that genes may come up that are named or described with a particular "issue" that may help.)
All information I provide is to be used only within the context of “this matches”, or “here’s an avenue that may help…”, or “you may want to consider this”, and should not be used as a “diagnosis”. Even when I say or write words as if “something is”, please remember that there are always “implied” words there as well, such as “It feels like…”
Please remember as well that the information that comes through during a consultation is intended specifically for the client … and even there, it is that individual’s responsibility to consult with his/her medical health practitioners about any recommendations that are provided.
As well, everyone is unique, and something that applies to one individual, may or may not apply to others. Even when there are generalities and something applies to many individuals, there may still be exceptions.
Please use this information responsibly, and remember to check with your medical health practitioners.
You are solely responsible for what you do with any information I have provided or that you find on this site, or any related websites.
Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information that I have provided or because of something you have read on this website.

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