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Matrix Energetics
There was a time, a few years ago, when I thought that in order for people to take my medical intuition seriously, given that I was working at the level of the genes and the DNA, that I should maybe not include energy-work as part of what I do. I thought I should try just focusing on the physical health information.

As hard as I tried, it just wasn't possible!!!

I learned that I can’t work with the physical body and health without bringing "healing" and "energy" into the picture.

So, a bit of info about Matrix Energetics may help you to understand the language of the "energy" that I've been playing with, since sometime around 2008.
What exactly is Matrix Energetics?
Matrix Energetics is a transformative “Consciousness Technology” that can facilitate profound change on all levels of human experience.

Matrix Energetics accesses the zero point field (the undifferentiated oneness from which everything emerges) to facilitate change on a fundamental level (the electromagnetic and photonic fields of information) that comprise the matrix of our existence. These scientifically measurable fields have been shown to affect our physical health, and our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Modern quantum physics describes reality as being made up of vibrations and waveforms where everything is light and information.
The reality we perceive is a field of information that can be changed.
Matrix practitioners assist this process by collapsing the current reality (information field) and introducing new information allowing the experience of a new reality (information) to manifest.
This new paradigm gives the practitioner instant access to new states of awareness that make it possible to interact with the material world and transform it.

What seems to be happening is that the unconsciousness and the biological physical field matrix is re-arranging itself.
Please note that more recently, Dr. Richard Bartlett seems to have moved beyond this fun and simple play into something different, but Matrix Energetics will always continue to exemplify a lovely, fun, and comfortable idea, that will continue on.

My energy, also, NEVER stops. It's always finding the "next doorway", whatever that "next doorway" is... and that's always so fascinating and never-ending, but using this transformational process in my appointments has never stopped.
How does Matrix Energetics apply to the work I do?
Science + the unconscious + quantum physics = Transformations
When I first discovered Matrix Energetics, it came the closest of anything else that I have ever found to both describing and explaining what my energy has always done since I began "tuning in" in 2008.

In other words, when I found Matrix Energetics, I was ALREADY doing that, and being that through and through, and totally naturally.

Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I had known and spent time with Richard Bartlett, the founder of Matrix Energetics, several decades previously, when he had still been practicing as a chiropractor, in the beginnings of his explorations of this unique tranformational experience. Maybe I've remained part of his quantum field since then... I really don't know. I've seen him do some incredible things, and maybe some of his way of reading and reshaping energy rubbed off on me back then and has kept growing over the following years...

Oh, by the way, I did get my certification in Matrix Energetics, but that was just a piece of paper that allowed me to use the label for the field I was already using!
No matter WHAT I am working with, whether it's finding information or anything else, I have noticed over the years that the moment I'm aware of something, it begins to shift. That's it... I pay attention, the field expands to accommodate a new code of instruction, and energy changes.

Most of the long-term clients I have (and I have some really great clients!) may initially have found me because they were looking for answers to health questions, but they've stayed with me because the journey is so fascinating, the cutting-edge information keeps showing up in new ways, constantly growing and expanding, always taking us to even deeper and more core levels of health.

We've shifted so many paths, and so many energies over time, simply because I'm "being me". 

Sure, I can find and give answers on health questions, but wouldn't you rather have your DNA find its own "matrix", and begin using it to improve your health?

I also call it "Consciousness Technology"... the moment we're aware of something, it shifts.

Isn't that just Quantum Physics? The moment we observe a reaction, we change it, just by virtue of the fact that we witnessed it. With Matrix Energetics, I bring a bigger awareness of the "quantum component", so that I'm "witnessing" MORE of the quantum component, and at a level that more people than not don't yet have access to.

I'm pretty sure that as Quantum Physics advances, the "field" will increase, and more and more of science will find its way into that space. It's already happening, isn't it? Quantum Physics is a pretty accepted field of study these days.
For now, let's just say that in our appointments together, we're creating and transforming reality at the quantum level, and observing the macro effects of that change.
Let's bring our discussion here back to health...

As I play with the physical, we’re connecting to the matrix of energy that is all around, and I’ve learned that it has to move! … and that’s why I love playing with it! Information is fine, and it’s helpful, but when the matrix of energy starts moving, that’s when everyone feels better!
So suppose you're trying to find answers and improve your health...

... but what if your energy matrix has a faulty set of beliefs, or, using another way of reading this matrix, what if your energy is just "not moving" through the energy lines that it needs to and that support health? 

So we work not only with the physical, and diet, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and more that will help... but in connecting with your energy, why not also shift your body's flows and movements, and ultimately your "light frequencies" so that the energy "moves"? So that organs, for example (or cells, or DNA, or other parts of you), shift and begin to find the consciousness that connects THEM with your energy matrix, so they "come online" (with consciousness) and begin moving relevant pieces and flows along with you?
Many of my clients, once we address their initial health issues, find that they really enjoy how they feel during and after appointments, and they also like the different angles that the energy brings to their awareness... It's usually a much bigger picture than they ever anticipated, but one that they almost always resonate with. AND, the results from the shifting of energies is accumulative, and over weeks, months, or even years of working together, the energy flows more and more... and that always feels great!
So using this quantum field, or Matrix Energetics principles, along with all the other wonderful ways of healing that I've developed along the way, I somehow (or my "energy" does) know how to find and align pretty much all of your energy matrix, including, but not limited to, major meridians, flows through body systems, consciousness down to the level of the DNA, cranio-sacral work, and just about anything else you want to ask about. The answers come as you ask the questions, and with the answers, comes magic that begins to shift YOU... comfortably, effortlessly, and often in a fun and easy way.
All in all, even this is only a minute part of what actually happens. The energy is always getting bigger and more and more potent. These days, I release "stuck energy" (think clearing things from the cells, not to mention cell memories, and much more) in seconds, that would have taken days, months or longer, when I first began being a healer.

... and lately, we've been fine-tuning healing frequencies down to the actual wavelengths (in nanometers), becoming aware that that's what I've been doing this entire time! I just recently found out that I'm simply using very quantifiable and measurable "healing frequencies" (yes, they make "devices" with these healing frequencies, like red and near infrared light!), and that my hands give off some amazing "frequencies", and that moves the energy all through the space where I'm living and working, as well as through my energy field, and through YOURS too!

I was given back in 2008 that "It is light in the body that heals". I didn't begin to understand what that really, really meant back then, but being aware now that I'm connecting with, and putting out, specific healing (light) frequencies, I'm beginning to accept this amazing gift of "healing"!

I cannot ever predict where the "energy" chooses to go, but it's always amazing!

Page last updated on 7/6/2022

Matrix Energetics
Joy McEntire
has been using
Matrix Energetics
in her healing work
since around 2008.
Matrix Energetics is a transformative "Consciousness Technology" that can facilitate profound change on all levels of human experience.

It accesses the zero point field to facilitate change on a fundamental level (the electromagnetic and photonic fields of information) that comprise the matrix of our existence.

These scientifically measurable fields have been shown to affect our physical health, and our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.