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From Clients and Participants...
Most of these are notes from clients, and participants of workshops and other events. 
Please note, you may see notes from the same people several times... many have been with me for a long time, and continue to express their gratitude.
(Btw: If there are NO records showing up, it means the database is most likely offline [temporarily])

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Beyond words. :)

AT (Idaho, May 2014)

(following an individual session)

Hi, Joy, emphasizing the Joy. I saw you last at Harris Teeter last week, when you did miraculous kind of releasing of my blockage of energy there, and enlightened my heart and released some blocked emotion that was constrained, and I just wanted to let you know that that was, I believe, phenomenally successful.
I was able to go forward from there and do what I needed to do. I was successful in that beyond what I even had thought and even hoped for.
I was able to apply for some congregational positions and release fears and anxieties, and what you did was just so helpful and so cathartic and so successful. I just wanted to give you that report, and the message of appreciation and gratitude, and so thank you, thank you, thank you.
I’m going forward with a lighter heart and with an expectancy of creating more joy here myself. You are a big part of that. God bless you.

DB (Virginia, May 2014)

(from a voice message left by this individual)

The angels gave you the most appropriate name — something that your whole persona resounds with.
You bring joy to so many hearts in this world and the angels will always bless you for your power of love with everyone.

RA (Dubai, July 2014)

Thanks always for the wonderful service you provide for all the Earth and people with the work you do with your clients. i am deeply grateful for your loving and wise presence on the planet. :) <3

SH (Virginia, July 2014)

Thank you again for the sessions. I have felt lighter, and also a greater sense of being connected (since the sessions).  It is so much easier to be aware of and positively influence my "thought forms" when in a higher place.

DK (Colorado, September 2014)

I am so grateful for your loving and kind spirit. I had a wonderful weekend.
I feel lighter and more joyful. My son noticed!
I hope our paths cross again.

MM (Texas, September 2014)

(From a playshop in Austin, Texas)

Ever since your workshop in August I have noticed a difference in myself.
Since your workshop on that weekend in August, I am more aware of sensations in most of my chakras.
Anyway, Joy, the ways by which you have helped both my mother and me continue to reveal themselves to us daily.  
Also, my aunt Lin was so moved by you, that she seems almost on a mission to try to be more spiritual.  

BF (Maryland, September 2014)

I have had more laughter than I ever have had lately.
Yes, I feel the Angels have given me a delight-filled gift.  Thank you for your gift to me and the world.

MR (Texas, October 2014)

(From a playshop in Austin, Texas)

Thank you for the magical, miraculous, wondrous, beyond amazing weekend!!  It was so exciting meeting you and being there for the conference.

RL (Maryland, November 2014)

I just listened to your wonderful sweet message. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I think my energy already changed just from listening to your voice and to your message, so thank you.
You are the most magnificent angel. You know, for those of us who cannot so easily communicate to that space of our own awareness, it is a privelege to know you. I hope you realize what your gifts mean to so many of us.

AB (Virginia, November 2014)

You are such a blessing to the world. I am so grateful for you and the work you are doing for all of us.

SH (Virginia, December 2014)

You and the angels have helped me so significantly that I don't even have words to describe how much.  
You have also changed me by helping me see myself differently, as well as see the world with different eyes. I love you a lot, Joy.  

BF (Maryland, December 2014)

December 31, 2014
I find your work and offerings soooooo expansive and fascinating and I am so happy for you! I hardly know what to call you anymore since you seem less human and more divine! LOL!
January 5, 2015
When I heard the sky is the limit, I don't think spirit meant it in the simple mundane way or vibe usually associated with it. words to express what I sense.

MS (California, December 2014)

I felt a wonderful sense of unity and belonging in the group streaming session.
I was so comfortable. I felt so blessed, like a family!

BT (Montana, January 2015)

(About one of our Interactive Streaming sessions)

Getting that new client (really nice lady and a big scanning project!) just minutes before today's [streaming] class was miraculous!  That Abundance energy works FAST!!

RL (Maryland, January 2015)

I wanted to tell you thank you again.  I feel so many shifts in my life since working with you.  I am very excited about it!!

KR (France, February 2015)

You are doing such great loving work  for us all, the earth and the universe!!!  Thank you!

CE (Florida, February 2015)

I feel like I have come out of the darkness and into the light!  A big warm,heartfelt thank you, Joy.
I feel a lot of shifting and I am seeing it in my experience.

NL (Oregon, March 2015)

Thank you so much for being the lovely human that you are, and taking on this magnificent work for us ALL as ONE!

SH (Virginia, March 2015)

It was an absolutely wonderful and powerful session, Joy.
We really appreciated your dedication and love of the work you are doing. Thank you many times again and again.

BM (Texas, March 2015)

You are so special to me and special to many, many, many, many, many people who are thankful for you!!!

CE (Florida, May 2015)

Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and teachings from last Saturday. I loved the energy and had so much fun with the group. I can feel the energy shift, quicken and lighten, as I write this and tune back into lovely and joyful!

DN (California, June 2015)

Thank you SO much today's session, I feel amazing!!

RL (Maryland, June 2015)

You are a saint and very special to all and this universe!!!

CE (Florida, September 2015)

I have no words to express my gratitude to you for the amazing session at my condo on Saturday.
I could go on and on about what this session meant to me on so many levels; and also all the blessings that it brought to me and my home.
I am so touched by your love, friendship, kindness, generosity, and so much more….
This gives me an idea of the UNLIMITED LOVE that Joy, the  Universe and God Almighty are pouring on us all…
Thank you so much for your time, and multiple gifts.
My house is so happy, as well. I can feel the difference in the environment.

AB (Virginia, October 2015)

November 10, 2015
The workshop was absolutely great and unbelievably spell binding.  
Your presenting the seminar was the greatest part.  Being surrounded by so many down to earth - ahh, I mean, way up there wonderful people left me often speechless.  A weekend I'll never forget.  A weekend so healing.
December 04, 2014
The most amazing moment in the streaming session was:
You had [one of the group] up with amazing energy and she said 'we want that too'
and you said 'LOVE to have that too.
and it was like a huge, huge explosion of  "LOVE"  exponential times from each one of us.

MH (Colorado, November 2015)

Our session was BEYOND amazing ~ *WOW*!! You are such a blessing to me, and to ALL! What you do for us individually and collectively is invaluable…

RL (Maryland, November 2015)

December 30, 2015:
So very interesting and fascinating. To connect with my words cannot describe the wonder...
January 9, 2016:
Another amazing group streaming session I am so grateful and in wonderment to be part of!
Bless you and thank you! I am so deeply grateful to be able to be a part of this! Goes so far beyond our personal stories — changing the history and lightening the world, holy moly that rocks!

SH (Virginia, December 2015)

Yet another session where we found something so core to my health and well being! What a blessing that DNA protein came up!!

RL (Maryland, October 2016)

Thank you for the session, and everything we did. Working with the physical is something I've always wanted to be able to do, but I never would've guessed we'd be doing it in such a core way by going directly to the chromosomes and genes.

RL (Maryland, November 2016)

I'm always delighted when we find more big pieces of the puzzle. I'm so grateful for you :-)

RL (Maryland, December 2016)

I just wanted to let you know that my back seems appreciably better today and I needed to give you a special thank you for that!

NK (Florida, May 2017)

All that work related to my mother brought some results. We were able to exist in one place for five days. It's unheard of!

YR (Virginia, July 2017)

This note is referring to the group streaming sessions that we did for about 2 years. Many of my clients, who were also "streamers", have expressed how much they miss the streaming sessions…

 I have to say again how much I miss those online [streaming] sessions.  I know you had to move on to other things, but they sure meant a lot to me and I can still see the benefits they offered

BM (Maryland, October 2017)

Thanks for the appt last week, it was very , very informative as usual.
Thanks again Joy for all that you do. I feel eternally grateful and blessed to have you in my life for so many reasons :)  

BM (Maryland, November 2017)

I want to thank you ever so much for mentioning urine in our session yesterday, and the fact that I was close to an infection.  
But since it didn't feel better today, I did go get my urine tested, and sure enough, I do have the early stages of an infection.  So thank you for mentioning that!  
Joy, I can't thank you enough for everything you did to help me today, and for all the pieces we found.  By the time we finished, I actually had a little bit of an appetite.  I had some decaf tea, and a little while later was feeling well enough to eat dinner, and could comfortably take the antibiotic and Aleve then.  I'm feeling so much better now!  Only a little residual queasiness, which I'm hoping will subside.  You are truly amazing :-)

(name held by request) (February 2018)

Thanks so much for your reply, and would you believe it feels so much better now!  You are magic, that's all there is to it!!  
I actually started feeling better right after I sent my email to you, and it gradually continued feeling less and less uncomfortable the past few hours.  Then an hour or so ago I didn't feel any discomfort at all!!
Thank you so much for doing the gene-gene-gene-chromosome thing for me!  That does seem to have shifted something, and I'm comfortable again.

RL (Maryland, March 2018)

I’m doing really well and have felt a huge shift since our appointment!
The first thing I noticed is that I feel much more gentle & less triggered by some of my interactions with my husband.  There was an exchange of defensiveness that we shared over the years during times of stress that seems fo have lifted and its easier to be compassionate and kind with him.
There also seems to be a shift in my spine and posture.  I’m feeling like something has been aligned thats been out of place for a long time.  
I’ve been expanding my food options and my overall perspective towards food has changed, like there’s an internal dialogue going on with my body “yes, i know this may have been hard to digest in the past & it is much easier now”.  I’ve had less stomach discomfort and am trusting that my body is learning how to work with the food it is being given.  
Thank you for the work that you do!

TM (California, March 2018)

I can feel changes as I would normally react to something but I don't and do something else... Also feel lighter. Thanks again!!!

AB (Washington, March 2018)

Thank you so much for another amazing session. Holy moly - I never cease to be amazed and fascinated…
I feel so honored and blessed to be able to work with you on all these matters. You are extraordinary and a gift to the planet and humanity... I truly feel that while it helps any one of us, it also helps so many others... iI's a beautiful thing.

SH (Virginia, March 2018)

I picked up this book [“Joy”, by M.H. Clark] just to look at because it made me think of you. When I read it, I was certain it was about you & your gift to the world.
I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I am so grateful for how much things have improved for me since we began sessions together.
I am especially grateful about your insight that many of my issues are rooted in the DNA, much of which I never would have discovered alone.  

(name held by request) (March 2018)

[My son] is eating more, and has been sleeping a lot after we saw you. I think he is more awake to his condition and starting to be willing to do more to heal himself.  It will take time but we are working on it.
Thank you for all you are doing for him.

LJ (Washington, April 2018)

I re watched the first appointment video again, and you are just really adorable and super amazing.

FW (Washington, April 2018)

Thanks for working on my cranked left knee.  It continues to feel much better.

GL (Washington, April 2018)

The rest of me feels better and better. Currently, the light pink rash in lower legs is gone, along with the itchiness, & my arms feel almost normal. Itchiness comes on once a day or so, but it’s not urgent or “endless” as it once felt.
My back pain is gone, and I’m doing pushups & sit-ups again.
I just wanted to let you know things are quite a bit better since my last session, and my last check-in. Arm rashes are gone. Had one little pimple show up on my Rt leg last week, but it resolved quickly. Not itching or true new rash for close to 5 wks. Hooray!
I am so grateful for you and all of your help. 6 months ago, I felt like there was no hope that my skin would heal.

CA (Virginia, April 2018)

Hi Joy,
I just wanted to let you know that the last two nights I started getting into deeper REM sleep.  Since my appointment with you, I felt like I was starting to sleep better.  Today the pulmonary therapist showed me the data from my CPAP machine and the last two nights my AHI was 5 and 6, which is good.  This is a huge improvement from 10 and 13 (times per hour that I stop breathing).
You worked on [my husband] a week ago on Monday.  On Sunday he mowed the lawn with the riding lawn mower.  On the weekend, he did some work with his tractor.  On Monday he mowed some additional portion of the lawn with a push mower.  He hasn’t mowed in over two years, so this was huge.

GL (Washington, May 2018)

Her husband suffers from Parkinson's, and so getting on a tractor or riding lawn mower was a big deal for him.

Thank you ever so much for bringing this [pattern] to my attention a few sessions ago.  No more compartmentalizing!!  Things are so much nicer now.
Do you have any idea in how many ways you have changed my life for the better?!  Countless.

RL (Maryland, May 2018)

I got almost a real, good-nite's sleep last nite.  Grounded helped. I woke up at 2 a.m.; went back to sleep until almost 8 a.m.

KFK (New Jersey, June 2018)

You are just AMAZING!!!  And the fact that something you did on a little skeleton guy in Sequim, Washington can immediately affect a human being in Maryland is simply amazing!!

RL (Maryland, August 2018)

Thanks so much Joy. You truly go the extra mile.

PZ (Washington, August 2018)

Wow, thank you again for our meeting and for the video!
I wanted to say again that I truly felt a great release and so much more balanced after our discussion. You are a gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with you. I appreciate your time and your diligent work.

LM (Virginia, August 2018)

Thanks for taking so much time with me today. I really value your knowledge and intuitive gift. I’m excited to watch my health get better and better!

HL (October 2018)

Holy wow! At least 8 hours of sleep, with an actual 4½ hour solid block, and I wasn’t stiff when I got up.

AH (Connecticut, November 2018)

I wanted you to know that I am sleeping more deeply.  I am waking feeling rested after 6 to 7 hours.  Sometimes when I wake, I have trouble moving my limbs, from much needed deep sleep, I think.  …   I am feeling rested all day and not needing a nap.
Thanks for everything.

GL (Washington, November 2018)

I can’t believe it. I have also been talking to my body (and getting better at intuitively knowing what is good for it), and evolving my consciousness. For example, when I meditate, I physically feel changes in the air and my body. Tonight, my mom said that these changes have occured since my session with you.

SB (District of Columbia, December 2018)

By the way, since our session yesterday my feet and ankles have felt great. Usually there is an unspecified heaviness with them but I haven't had any of that going on since yesterday :-)
Just wanted you to know.

CJ (Washington, December 2018)

I had hoped to write yesterday but never got to it. I felt quite a bit better the morning after our session with the low back pain diminished by about 75%. I'm still feeling it this morning but had great sleep Tue and pretty good sleep Wed night. My left elbow feels better than it has in a year, and i felt some interesting changes in my feet during my walk yesterday.

CA (Virginia, January 2019)

I knew that [my husband] was really out of touch when I dropped him off on Thursday.  I believe that what you did, really helped, since he was really good on Friday and Saturday (today).  By really good, I mean, that he has been “present” and more cognitively aware and active.  Thank you.
Additionally, I have been sleeping better and going into deeper sleep (last night).  

GL (Washington, February 2019)

Thanks again for EVERYTHING.  You lift me up so beautifully every time I see you.

CA (Virginia, April 2019)

I just wanted to let you know our session on Friday was quite helpful after my moms passing... kind of gave me a different perspective to view this  all through... Thank you.

SW (Washington, April 2019)

Just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful session this afternoon. It was very special. Many thanks to Christ for His Presence and Love, which you brought in so nicely.
Joy you are an amazing blessing in our lives, and I can't express with words my gratitude and appreciation.

AB (Virginia, October 2019)

Dearest Joy,
Thank you so much your gentle, kind, loving spirit. You are a Divine Blessing to many!

AB (Virginia, December 2019)

The work you've done to help me and countless other people both here and spirit-side is immeasurable! You give so much of yourself to help. I feel it every time we meet.  I feel it every time we meet, and I am so grateful for you.
I wish I lived nearby, so I could take you out for a good meal and be your friend. You are a beautiful human/ light.

HL (December 2019)

I'll never forget you. You were a big help to me. I think of you often and say a little prayer for you. You are a truly great person. A once in a lifetime. Thank you for all that you did for me and my daughter.
My admiration always.

MC (Virginia, December 2019)

(in response to 2019 Christmas letter, from someone I worked with in my earliest years, in Virginia Beach)

Thank you for the email. I haven't seen any updates from you in a long time. I was a fan of your YouTube videos. That's how I found you. I found them when I was going through a scary breakup. Really helped me raise my vibration and consciousness so I could move on after falling so low after the abuse. Thank you.

KN (Oregon, December 2019)

(In response to to 2019 Christmas letter)

We [my husband and I] appreciate all that you do for us and all the healing you have helped to facilitate thus far.

CA (Virginia, December 2019)

What a wonderful message to read over the Christmas holidays. You have been such a great inspiration to me !  I am such a better person since you have been in my life and working on me and my DNA. I had no idea it was possible to feel so blessed, peaceful and joyous inside all the time. I will never have the words to fully express my gratitude and fulfillment to you. I just want you yo know I am forever grateful that I get to know and work with such an extraordinary individual. You change lives for the better !!!  

BM (Maryland, December 2019)

(in response to 2020 Christmas letter)

I love our sessions.  I always feel so much better after them.

KFK (New Jersey, March 2020)

After my skype session yesterday with you I felt amazing the rest of the day/night.

HL (April 2020)

Thank you so much for all I've learned about myself, healing, & Christ. I enjoy each session ever so much.

KFK (New Jersey, April 2020)

Thanks a lot again.  I love seeing you and working with you.  I think what you are doing is incredible.

KR (France, May 2020)

Thanks for all you do and who you are. I am so grateful to know you....

HL (September 2020)

I am learning to trust myself more lately, and your kind applause for my Being motivates me. I am forever grateful for your mastery and over-the-top devotion to my healing. You are my personal cheerleader.
In deep appreciation…

CA (Virginia, December 2020)

Thank you, Joy, for your service.
I have grown so much in the time we have worked together. I am grateful for you.
My heart smiles when I think of you.

HL (December 2020)

Thank you, Joy, for this fine expression of love for and service to your fellow travelers.
You are surely an inspiration to many. Thank you for all that you do to lift up so many. You are a super star.

CA (Virginia, December 2020)

(in response to 2020 Christmas letter)

Though this has been a challenging year, it has been a great healing one for me. And I’m positive you’ve played a big role in my healing! I am amazed as each day passes with many “tests” how much calmer and more neutral I feel. I am sooooo much more relaxed than I was when we first began working together 2½ years ago.

HL (December 2020)

(in response to 2020 Christmas letter)

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to experience Joy’s amazing healing abilities on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
On several occasions she also addressed karmic issues, and ancestral lineage influences.
She can trace the journey of souls through eons of time back to Creation. She can see what [etheric] looms we have used to weave the fabrics of our lives; and how we have affected others and the environment through our choices and beliefs, through our thoughts, intentions and deeds.
On the physical level, I have experienced how energy blocks and trapped emotions could be removed; how bones and joints could be adjusted without touching the body — using a skeleton as surrogate!; how internal organs could be worked on by using medical models of the various parts of the body; and much more.
By tapping into the Unseen Energies, Joy can connect with the most subtle healing vibrations and help her clients find doors through which their souls can access sublime Divine Realms...
Joy’s unique ability to work with and balance the various energy systems is a never ending source of relief, growth, hope, joy, freedom and enlightenment.
I am eternally grateful to have met Joy.

AB (Virginia, January 2021)

This note comes with my deepest gratitude and appreciation for everything you did to help me through a very challenging time. I can honestly say I could not have made it through without you.

RL (Maryland, February 2021)

Thank you!
We feel the grounding waves so much!
He [6-month-old son] crawled just after our appointment, and stood up too!
My note: I had been working on a new level of grounding with them during the appointment. I wasn't actually surprised by her note, as her son had been trying hard to crawl, but hadn't quite got the hang of it yet. At one point during our appointment, when I'd been working on him remotely using a little "boy doll model", the little guy was "showing" me again trying to crawl, and at one point, I felt a "bingo!" moment, indicating he'd just figured something out. His mom was not in the room at the time and didn't know that this had happened. Her son fell asleep, but it was almost immediately after our appointment that he apparently actually crawled for the very first time.
The work you do is so amazing!

VD (Australia, February 2021)

After your recent help through a difficult time, I wanted to write you a note to post on your testimonials page, but I was having a hard time writing something that conveys your many virtues, yet was succinct enough to use as a testimonial… I wanted to really portray, for other people, more about what appointments with you are REALLY like.
So here are a few short(ish) blurbs that are about you and the sessions. I’m hoping you’ll still be able to publish this on your testimonials page. These were just individual thoughts:
• Sessions with Joy are like interactive workshops with you, your body, your energy, your spirit, and your Soul.  She has the extraordinary ability communicate with ALL of your energies to identify the root causes of the issues you are concerned with.  Once the awareness is there, she then facilitates the healing by shifting and clearing what may be many lifetimes of karma and lessons, that are at the core of your present day issues.  This is healing of the highest order!
• Joy is an energy healer extraordinaire!  She works in ways that are completely unique and innovative, continually coming up with newer and even more creative ways to connect with the energies and expedite the healing.  
• Joy is extremely gifted at finding places in your energy and in the body that are stuck, and were preventing healing.  Like energetic acupuncture!  She’s able to get things moving and flowing smoothly again, initiating the healing process to begin and that will continue going forward.
• I’ve experienced magic and miracles working with Joy.  Acute health issues have disappeared, and chronic health issues are diminishing, all because we are clearing and healing the underlying issues that created the conditions.  This is core healing for the physical, as well as for the spirit and the soul.
You have changed my life, I can’t thank you enough.

HC (February 2021)

My thank you is somewhat belated, but I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
During our last session, you worked on the shingles that I somehow contracted, which had gone into to my eye, and my eye had been almost swollen shut for the few days before our appointment.
At one point during the session, as you reached for a connection to a related energy, something big shifted, and my eye opened back up to the point that it was noticeable, and it has continued to get better each day!
Pease accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for your efforts!

NK (Florida, February 2021)

Our last appointment was so profound, and I‘d love to deepen that [inner] connection and embrace the shift more than anything.

YA (California, February 2021)

By the way I am also feeling the effects of the work you did with me. I’m trying not to get stressed from my day to day so i can keep enjoying  the benefits!

IA (Maryland, March 2021)

I am glad your work is continuing to evolve, you are such a gift to all!

DO (Oregon, April 2021)

 Your gift truly is extraordinary.

ST (Washington, April 2021)

My husband and I are both very excited about the success so far of his stem cell procedure.  It does wonders to my state of mind to have you validate that it was the correct thing to do and the stem cells are working correctly.  You bring me much peace of mind.

ST (Washington, June 2021)

My note: I love working with people who have had stem cell therapy! There is something palpably exciting and amazing that happens in the physical body, and the energy shifts are amazing. Stem cells have a distinct energy pattern that I am very aware of, and we often find in appointments that we work with amplifying the effects of them, and sending stem cells through the body to other places where they're needed (if appropriate).

Thanks for the great session. Part of the beauty of each session is the fact that neither you nor I know just where each session will go.

BT (Montana, June 2021)

Thanks so much for the session yesterday.  It was very helpful for my grieving process, and particularly for [my late husband's] transition.  Also after the Joovv light session, my right hip has not been hurting.  I am sure that some of your hands on helped with that also.  Thanks so much.

GL (Washington, July 2021)

The energy work you did was fabulous. Feeling great.

PZ (Washington, August 2021)

Thank you so much for ALL that you do, and ALL that you are ~ a radiant being of love and light.
With infinite appreciation!

AB (Virginia, August 2021)

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