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Medical Intuitive ~ DNA Communicator ~ Healing at the level of DNA ~ Energy Healer ~ Matrix Energetics ~ Red & Infrared Light Therapy ~ Fun, Interactive Sessions
Appointments and appointment packages can be paid for by credit card at the time of the appointment (that's the simplest method), or you can pre-pay by PayPal here. If you prefer, or you may also pay by check.

Appointments are approximately 55 minutes, and often a little bit longer.
Single Appointment Pricing 

One appointment $265

Pre-Paid Packages

Package                      Price per Appt Package Price Savings       
3 appointments
(within 30 days) *
$240 $720 $75  
  3 appointments
(for anytime use)
$250 $750 $45
* E.g., for individuals wishing to have regular appointments every week or two.
The lower price reflects the increased energy field around individuals, which usually comes about when we work together more often, and which subsequently results in a little less post-appointment processing and clearing time.

First Appointment Special Offers

  Special Offer   Price per Appt   Package Price          
  First appointment as
Single appointment
  First Appointment,
3 appointment offer
  $240   $720   $75  

Other Amounts and Donations

  Other Amounts
(fill in custom amount)
Payment by check:
For payment by check, mailing address will be provided.
To Schedule an Appointment
You can use the button below to go to my online appointment calendar, where you can schedule an appointment:
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