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COVID-19 Prevention
March 17, 2020

Covid-19 is all over the news, and pretty much the only news these days… As the effects of the outbreak are being felt more each day, many of us are adjusting our lives correspondingly.
I'll keep this simple: I am a healer by nature, and as such, I always get the info I need to know, usually way ahead of the curve.
As my clients, one after another, have asked about what to do (besides the status quo) to prevent getting the coronavirus, the answers that came were pretty much the same, over and over again.
So I decided to post the info here.
Here are the supplements and tools that have kept coming up consistently for my clients as the best ways to increase chances of staying well.
... that, of course, is besides all the other practical info you’ve already been hearing, like about washing hands, not touching your face, keeping a "social distance" of about 6 feet, staying home as much as possible, etc.
The #1 preventative
Light Therapy or Cold Laser Therapy...
Please note that I'm referring to CORRECT frequencies of light!
I first became aware of this increased immunity to COVID-19 in one client who, according to my guidance, had an abnormally (and WONDERFULLY) high immunity to the coronavirus.

One of the things that this client does regularly is treat herself with cold laser therapy, and THAT was coming up as being "it". The difference.
Next, I had recently come across Joovv light therapy, and that, unlike most other things I come across as potential health-related therapies, had come up as a huge "YES!" ... like "Bingo!!!" In other words, Joovv got it right!

Trust me, that doesn't happen very often, and when it does, it almost always means that something is VERY correct for the DNA, and, moreover, will have a longer-lasting positive impact as well...   "Helpful today, benefits continuing..."

The short story is that I ended up getting one because I knew it would help my clients and my practice.

I was going to start by ordering a smaller version, a "Joovv Mini", but there was NO WAY my guidance was going to allow me to do that. "BIGGER," it said! "More!" ... begging for the "Joovv Elite" system, but that was out my current price range. So I went for the Joovv Solo.
(Each time the size of the device doubles, the amount of benefit amplifies profoundly... much more than just double.)

As I began using it, I was aware of my immunity to coronavirus going up... gradually... I can't exactly call one week "Slow"!  ... and in addition to that, I also realized that for any clients who had access to this Joovv therapy in a bigger way, that it would take only two to three 10 to 15 minute sessions to boost their immunity to the coronavirus way up over 90%. By "a bigger way", I mean like at one of the Restore Wellness centers around the country, which have the bigger Joovv set up, like an "Elite" system, or maybe even two of them. 
An additional note added 7/17/2020: In the earlier days, back in March, the virulence of the coronavirus was significantly less, mostly because fewer people had it, and thus, the overall viral load was nowhere near what it has become... Now, our exposures are coming in bigger amounts, and it would take much more Joovving to provide that same immunity.
... and having said that, it's possible to Joovv, and still get the coronavirus, HOWEVER, the immune system handles it very, very differently in someone who is Joovving regularly... it begins deactivating the virus in a simpler and better way, reducing many of the side effects that have become associated with the coronavirus.
So here's some of the info that I "get" about our immunity to this COVID-19 in general:
I’ve been getting that an average person has ~ 40% immunity to this virus.

Often, in elderly people or those with bigger health challenges, the immunity may be down as low as 25% or so, depending on their lifestyle, supplements, and other health therapies.

With zinc lozenges, elderberry, oscillococcinum, etc. (see the supplements info below), I’ve been able to get immunity up to 55% or so.

Both the cold laser therapy and the Joovv system (Solo size or larger), with regular use, can bring the immunity up much higher...
reiterating here again that a higher immunity doesn't mean you can't get it, but rather that your immune system handles it far better.

... and the bigger the Joovv, the better the immunity gets! 
The immune-building properties of the Joovv were actually just an additional benefit to an already health-promoting device!

You see, this light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that provides medical grade light.
It delivers concentrated natural light to your skin and cells. Treatments are quick and simple: you just sit or stand in natural light for 5 to 15 minutes,

The Joovv helps with energy, performance, recovery, pain relief, sleep, skin, and more. 
There is a lot of research and many clinical trials backing up the benefits, and a lot of information available.
So if you have cold laser therapy or a Joovv available to you, USE IT!
Additional note, 3/27/2020: The size of the Joovv DOES make a difference, based on what I've seen in people using it so far: The smaller the size of the Joov, the more time you'll need to spend with it to increase your immunity.

So with the Mini size, you'll probably need to use it for 7 or more hours a day, to slowly let it do it's job, over 3 or more weeks, most likely. With this size, you might make it up to 80%, with intensive use... (However, it's also small and portable enough that you can have it "follow you around" for the day, and have it on wherever you are... always, as close to your bare skin as possible.)

The Solo would take about an hour or more a day, for more than two weeks, to increase your immunity enough to make a big difference... (up into the 80+ percent range)

A Duo (essentially 2 Solos put side to side NOT top-to-bottom) makes a much more drastic and big difference. 30 minutes a day, and by 5 days (or less), you'd most likely be up over 90%.

Just thought I'd pass that on...
... oh, and the most important areas to expose to the  light for boosting your immunity to this coronavirus are the thymus gland (mid-upper chest at the center, very close to the heart area), and the pituitary gland (which you can include by getting the light to your forehead).

Another note: Within a few weeks of getting the Joovv solo, I quickly decided it was worthwhile for me to invest in the 6-panel Joovv Elite, and I've been using it in almost all of my healing sessions since that time.

Happy Joovving!
(I've provided more info on the Joovv below, for those of you who are interested.)
The next most-helpful coronavirus preventatives
Zinc lozenges
... ANY form of them, IF you can get your hands on any!
You can probably find some on Vitacost and on Amazon (my usual sources), although early on, they were all sold out and really hard to find!
Take 2 or 3 per day, ongoing… … and if you’re out in a public place, e.g., the grocery store, try to keep a zinc lozenge going while you’re there. 
(If you have blood sugar issues, please use your judgment.)
Zinc is one of the most important DNA minerals overall, and it's very helpful to the immune system. In addition, something in the zinc lozenges coats the throat and decreases the “landing space” for the virus, and makes it more difficult to get through to the rest of the respiratory system.
Something in the zinc lozenges coats the throat, and decreases the “landing space” for the virus, and makes it more difficult to get through to the rest of the respiratory system.
Elderberry / Sambuca
… the lozenge form comes up the best (although these are also not easily available just right now). For some reason, the liquid and the capsules don't come up as increasing the immunity to the same extent as the lozenges.
… you might also find some of these with zinc in them, and you can also treat that as a "zinc lozenge."
It’s a flu preventative, and I’m getting that it CAN increase your immunity to the coronavirus... but ESPECIALLY the lozenges version.
(Again, if you have blood sugar issues, please use your judgment.)
Addendum, 3/27/2020: I found a CAPSULE version that works exceptionally well! It's Schwartz brand... it may be on backorder, but Amazon will eventually get it back in stock.
Link on Amazon (or you may be able to find it somewhere else): Schwartz Elderberry Capsules
Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic remedy, and it comes up well and as very helpful for more people than not. 
You can take it preventatively, like 2 per day, but if you KNOW you’ve been exposed, then immediately increase that to 4 to 6 per day.
(If you know you’re lactose intolerant, it might be a good idea to take some lactase (e.g., lactaid tablets) when taking the oscillococcinum.)
By the way, this comes up as being an excellent "spring cleaning" assistant every year, at the end of the winter, when spring comes... it very kindly and gently clears out the lungs after all the months of breathing in more heated indoor air, more bacteria, etc., and it thereby helps increase your breathing capacity via better air exchange.
And just how do you pronounce Oscillococcinum?
I've only just learned! I've been pronouncing it wrong for years!
It is pronounced sort of like "Oscillo-coxxinum" ... or just "Oscillo" for short!
Cistanche tubulosa
Added note, 3/27/2020:
I only just came across Cistanche Tubulosa a few days ago, sort of by accident. However, it was a GREAT find!
Please note, this is for TEMPORARY use only, as I am aware that with longterm use, it would downgrade DNA.

HOWEVER, within a few hours of beginning to use it, I am aware that for many people, their immunity to the coronavirus (specifically) would immediately begin to go up in a significant way... almost as much as using zinc lozenges, elderberry and oscillococcinum all together.
Or, if using all three of those together already, then adding the Cistanche Tubulosa would boost the average person's immunity to just above 60%. Better and better!

The dosage I'm getting would be 1 capusle, 3 times a day. It was coming up as helpful to be taken fairly regularly, because you never know when and where the exposures are, even if you're being careful. Just the same, the body needs regular breaks from it!

So we reached a compromise on this one: Try it 2 days on, 2 days off, and every few weeks, take a few extra days off, to give your liver and kidneys a break from detoxing so much.
There are any number of other immune system boosters, such as vitamin C, other herbal concoctions, etc., but most of those need to be taken months ahead of time and used to build up your body's resistance over time.
In contrast, the supplements I've written about above are things that ANYONE can begin taking more of, NOW, and they will be helpful.

Oh yes... ANY and ALL forms of zinc are helpful...

If you've been taking ConcenTrace, that's an ongoing immune-system (and overall health) builder... so KEEP ON TAKING IT!
If you haven't been taking it, it could take a while to boost the immunity, but you'll eventually get there.
... and then there are Infrared Heaters...
Infrared Heaters
This has come up for a few people, so I thought I’d include it here…
For example, the Lifesmart infrared heater, which is available on Amazon… (and although I’ve included a link here, you can use ANY model.)
When you run this in your home, intermittently, wherever you’re running it, it detoxifies viruses, bacteria and mold from the air.

I’ve been getting that info for years already!

The coronavirus has been shown to hang around in the air, long after the person who has left the area.
Infrared heaters have heat that is similar to sunlight, and the body and your DNA appreciates it.

So if you have an infrared heater, USE IT! It will make the air in your home far healthier.

If you don’t, you can order one on Amazon for something around $60, and it’s another “healthy investment”.

Okay, yes, I do realize that it's not always wintertime and cold weather, but IF you're going to use a heater, using a far infrared heater can be a big help to detoxify the virus from your space.
... and what about the Chloroquines?
This note is written 7/17/2020:

Back in early March, I had heard about chloroquine phosphate (anti-malarial) for the coronavirus, and it was said that it was supposed to stop the virus…

I immediately got a big, huge “YES!!! It’s a match! Get some if you can…!"

One of the DNA testing companies that matches medications and such to your specific DNA, agrees... but it turns out that the virus actually outwits even this medication that had first come up as so promising. On someone first taking it, the energy response is so hopeful, and feels very positive, but after a few hours, it seems that the virus simply goes underground, and continues, while "hiding out".

Just the same, I'm getting that a few doses of this will greatly decrease the contageousness of someone who has gotten the coronavirus, and the active version will be present for a shorter time span, thus protecting everyone around.
Hydroxychloroquine also came up early on, as scientists tried to find ways to deal with the virus. It's coming up as the more comfortable version of chloroquine, although it's "less of a match", and doesn't come up as helpful for someone who already has the virus.

However, it almost feels as if it might be a short-term preventative for people to take in areas that are at very high risk... such as high-population density areas, or someone who is in a frail condition. It feels like one wouldn't need daily doses, but maybe just two or so doses per week.

So my question is, I wonder if the scientists will actually begin testing it as a preventative??? Short term... like for 16 days or so... Would these individuals have a chance of "outwitting" the virus and not actually coming down with it?

I keep on "trying" (or intending) to NOT write about the chloroquines, but there must be something about them that's very helpful related to covid-19, because my energy keeps insisting that it's worthwhile putting this info out there... even though science hasn't found this to be a viable treatment for active covid-19 cases. So I'll leave this out there for now...
An essential oils disinfectant spray can also be very helpful
This note is written 7/17/2020:

I'm always "inventing" things, including "remedies" that seem to come out of nowhere, but that help with whatever the situation at hand is looking for. I guess that goes along with my medical intuition, and the healing energy.

Somewhere along the way, my "energy" starting asking an individual or two whether they had any essential oils around, and if so, which ones. As they would list what they had, the energy would "stop us" around lavender, lemongrass, chamomile, and possibly clove bud... and would ask the individual to put some water into a spray bottle, and add some of these essential oils, and spray it into the air in their home... or maybe also to spray a few surfaces with it, and then wipe them off.

I began to understand that these specific oils were very helpful for removing viral particles from the air, and decreasing our chances of getting the virus, if we'd been breathing in air with these essential oils.

So I played with different combos, and landed on the one that came up as providing the best support overall: Lemongrass, and Roman Chamomile, plus a bit of another vegetable oil, e.g., corn or canola, which is somehow helpful as part of the equation. The combo is very synergystic, and can go a long way for people who would like to know that their homes are safe.

Okay, so I know that everything thinks the air is clear, and that the virus doesn't hang around for too long in the air. So maybe the active, visible version of it doesn't, but I've been getting that there is something left around in the air which can pass on the infection. It's why mask-wearing is SO very critical!

When I started using this spray in my home, my entire energy field began relaxing and feeling much more comfortable. I hadn't been at all worried, not consciously, but my "energy" was very much aware that something very uncomfortable was around! I could write a whole lot more about my acute awareness of the virus here, but I'll leave it at this for now.

Let's just say, that if someone has been using this spray in their home regularly for a just a few days, my energy indicates it's more or less safe (a few exceptions maybe) to let them come into my home. Not that I've been doing that, I'm still playing it safe, but the indicators are that this spray detoxes the virus not only from the air, but changes the landing space in the lungs of the people who breathe in this essential oils sprayed air... and it lasts a few days at least.
The one downside here is that if used a lot, it can accumulate on some surfaces, and then later will need to be cleaned. Just the same, every time I consider not spraying for too many consecutive days in a row, my "energy" always completely disagrees... it's far safer to stay safe, and I guess I understand.
More Info about Joovv
If the coronavirus is ongoing for a while, and you decide you’d like to invest in a healthy healing tool that will bring ongoing health benefits as well as significantly boost your immune system, then you might like to look at a Joovv.
If you DO decide to purchase, here’s some info that could help.
With the Joovv, the smallest size (“Go”) comes up as ineffective (at least for boosting your immunity to this coronavirus), UNLESS you've been getting regular doses of larger amounts, and then you just use this if you're traveling, or something like that…

The Mini would take a LOT of hours of using it to jumpstart the immunity in any real way, but two Minis together would work … that’s like having a Solo.

The Solo is starting to get there, but it would take an hour or more a day of use, for at least 2 weeks, to boost your immunity up to a 65% to 70% immunity (70% if you're also using ZINC). You'll want to keep using it regularly, at least 5 days a week if possible, to keep the immunity up there.
(Or, use the Solo or Mini as an adjunct to just two or three sessions of Joovv therapy at a place that offers it, which will have at least one Elite, which is 6 solos, and probably 30 times as much the exposure as you'd get from your Solo).
With TWO Solos, or a "Duo"... NOW you're beginning to get there, and  with this (put side-to-side, so it's WIDE), it would only take about 30 minutes a day, and by 5 days or so, you'd most likely be up over 90%
(You'll want to keep Jooving regularly to KEEP that immunity up there, and it's STILL a good idea to take those zinc lozenges, though, just in case...)

As you can tell, each increase in Joovv size is not a linear increase in the wavelengths; double the size is not simply “double” the intensity, but hugely amplifies the intensity, so two Solos together would bring way more immunity much sooner.
Also, the size and/or weight is a consideration in which Joovv you might purchase.
For example, the Solo is fairly heavy, 17.5 pounds (fine for a normal, healthy individual), but it seems that getting 2 Mini’s would be comparable to having a Solo, and would make it more manageable if weight is a consideration, leaving you also with a more portable configuration.
If you'd like more info on some of the MANY MANY other health benefits of the Joovv, there's lots more info on their website. You can check out the following two pages:
Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Clinical Research Page
Additional note:
I'm highly intuitive, and as I use something like the Joovv myself, or watch what my clients' energies are doing in response to it, I'm very in tune with what is happening in the body, and I continue to get updated information. With the Joovv, it's ONLY been getting better!

Please note, however, that anything I write is NOT medical advice. I'm simply passing on what I'm getting, hoping that it might bring benefit and peace of mind to lots of people.

Page last updated on 3/17/2020

COVID-19 Prevention at it's best! 
Check out these COVID-19 prevention tips that reveal an easy way to raise your immunity to the coronavirus to above 90%.

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