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A Personal Note from my Christmas Letter, December 2020
This is my Christmas letter, December 2020, which includes a few of the new ideas and directions that came over the past year.
(This was covid-19 year, and I've included all of the letter here.)
It’s been quite the year, that’s for sure!
My daughter used to say when she was younger,

“Everything is always okay in the end, and if it’s not okay yet, then it’s not the end yet.

I’ve reached for that expression many times over this past year. The way I understand it, "in the end", what makes the most difference is how much caring we give out during our lives… and this year has certainly pushed many of us to the extremes of caring and compassion, and in more ways than we could have imagined… a.k.a. “growth”. We may not be completely at the end yet, but we are at the place where there is hope again. Now we can look forward to putting all that caring to use when life goes back to the "new normal"!

I’d like to express my gratitude for each and every one of you, and all the ways in which you touch my life, and also the magic you send out to the lives of those around you. Thank you.

To say that it has been somewhat of a wild ride is probably putting it mildly. We’ll likely look back on this year as the one that brought the most change to our lives… but along with change, there are always opportunities, and I’m also aware that many of you have found ways to discover and invite new blessings into your lives along the way.

I find it almost amusing that I ended my last year’s Christmas note with a reminder to try for the recommended quota of 8 hugs a day! Of all the years, this has to be the ONE year in history when NOT hugging meant you were being kind and considerate of others! Thank goodness that in my healing sessions, I’ve learned to share hugs using pillows… I can’t begin to tell you how much healing happens in those hugs, and heavens, am I ever grateful for those pillows this year! Thanks to all of you for all the really loving hugs I’ve received in return.

Also, I thought for sure I’d be getting a few family hugs this year, especially now, at Christmas, as one of my main reasons for moving to Washington state a few years ago was to be closer to family living just across the border in British Columbia… but now I’m sitting here saying “Thank goodness we’ve had get-togethers the PAST few Christmases, because this year sure isn’t providing THAT opportunity!” (The Canadian border has been closed to all non-essential travel since about March…) Thank goodness for phone and Skype, though!

The next irony was that I finally received permission from my landlords to have in-person client appointments in my home… only to have this be the year of working more hands-OFF than ever before! I was super-sensitive to the presence of the virus ... for example, I could even be out hiking on a trail up in the mountains and be aware that because many different people at different times had been standing for longer times at a lookout, taking in the view, that out there in the middle of nowhere, was covid!

So needless to say, I spent very little time with in-person clients this year … much to my regret. I LOVE the hands-on time!

At the end of February, I said goodbye to my Poulsbo office, and began rearranging my home office. Despite the joys of working with my wonderful in-person clients there several days a week, the regular one-hour drive each way was beginning to take its toll. One of the final straws came one Friday night when I was trying to get home in the middle of a big winter windstorm and found they had closed down the Hood Canal bridge, a “floating bridge” … probably to remain closed until the following morning. I had early Saturday morning appointments, and I needed to get home! Probably 5 hours later, somewhere close to midnight, I pulled into my driveway. The ONLY way home without staying the night in Poulsbo was a very long, windy and round-about drive, to the very, very end of the Hood Canal, and back around the other side. Yes, working from my home office would indeed be a blessing after that experience!

Despite “the year” (we’ll forever remember this one, won’t we!), my healing has continued to evolve, and the information is non-stop. It’s exciting, as always, but I couldn’t do this without my clients and friends in my life, for without the ability to share it, it would have nowhere to go (and, I DO have to add this in here, there would also be no funny stories to share…)

It’s fun and fascinating. Part of the focus this past year has been about healing energy and frequencies. When I first came across Joovv lights (for infrared light therapy) in February, my guidance said “Yes!” … and not just a small yes, but a big “Hooray!!!” With those lights, the doors started opening for working with frequencies, and, oh my, that has been quite the journey!

Once I started using the Joovv lights, surprisingly, I found them to be phenomenally helpful for my Skype appointments too! I started getting all kinds of information about frequencies, healing, and much more… and I also found that my energy was guiding clients to begin reaching for and using “healing frequencies” … not only the Joovv healing frequencies (850 nm), but other specific healing frequencies (with specific nm wavelength info) that we were able to find in relation to that one. This wasn’t anything conscious on their part, but more about their energy learning to “make connections”… and, as is almost always the case, that was just the beginning.

Way back in 2008, I’d been given that “It is light in the body that heals”, but I didn’t have any real frame of reference for it. I was aware that very fresh and especially organic food had lots of this “light”, and I became very good at “feeling” that light, among other things. What I didn’t understand at the time, though, is that my hands already had a set of 4 or more healing frequencies (near infrared) along with an additional unique set of (far infrared) frequencies, which is a huge source of the healing energy when I’m playing with energy or working with people. Apparently, I was transmitting “light”. Next, there is info that the more versions of comfortable frequencies we can define and add in there, the better it gets. We are definitely already working on that one!!!

My clients, though, are the ones who (usually inadvertently) “dream up ways” to keep us all moving forward! Oh, the answers we need to go searching for! … and then there are always the new doorways they peek through as their energy gets brighter and begins moving better.

Then, there’s also finding ways to help the physical body to heal, along with all these amazing healing energies… So in our appointments, we also still keep delving into DNA, aligning meridians, correcting chemistry, working with supplements, undoing traumas and injuries, working with the nerves, talking with the body, and all the usual health-supporting measures I’ve always been working with. The toolkit continues to expand every single year!

I’ll finish this note here, finally, as my guidance is telling me to go and find some quiet time in the midst of the busyness that seems to be my life… and suggesting that I pass on the same friendly “healing” advice I'm getting for myself:

Light a candle...
… and anything else you want to dream up

… and if the hugs in your life have been limited over the past year, then go grab a pillow, and give out a few extra Christmas hugs for good measure!!!

May your home be filled with warmth,
and your heart with happiness
through the coming year.
I wish you peace, health and happiness, and a wonderful year!
Many blessings,
~ Joy

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