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Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to DNA Dimensions!
... and welcome to my website!

First of all, I would love to keep a website that is always up-to-date! I try, but it turns out that I'm much too busy doing appointments, living life, and trying to keep up to actually be able to post all of the newest ideas, information and trends that are currently relevant.

My more recent Christmas letters may give you a lot more of the flavor of how my work continually evolves and progresses, than some of the other pages out there at the moment.

December 2019 note

December 2020 note

  In the meantime, here's an intro that's still applicable. It's just that there's always "more"...


You'll find this website to be full of new and different ideas about health, and more specifically, where it all begins...
... in the DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, and in the Chemistry as well.
You'll quickly learn that DNA is at the core of much more than you might have any idea... and that self-correcting and "resequencing" DNA is not out of the question at all if you know how to connect with it, or "speak the language".
Think "DNA Communicator", or "DNA Whisperer"...
Wouldn't you like to know what your DNA has to say?
If you read ANY of the Case Studies, you'll find leading-edge information as medical intuition uses new technologies to expand into new and interesting areas.
We might also delve into chemistry in new and fascinating ways, since protein can't function without chemistry, and what is DNA without protein?
Not too much!
And what comes first?
DNA, or the amino acids that the DNA calls for?
(What came first... the chicken or the egg?)
It may also be helpful to know:
The results of the consultations are usually significant...and your DNA will usually begin changing and making updates...
That's where the healing part comes in...
YOUR amazing DNA knows what to do...
All it needs is:
The "correct recipes", and figuring out the best order of the recipes, along with enough basic "ingredients" to actually implement the recipes...
Along with that comes releasing many things from cell memories that blocked the flow of core energy available to the body for healing, and bringing connectivity and flow through to the level of the DNA and each individual cell.
If you'd like a fun and easy place to begin on my website, then you might like to start with the tickle-your-funnybone quiz on the DNA Lingo page.
By far, the most fascinating reading currently on this website is in the Case Studies.
You'll find many gems and some pretty amazing information there, as the most un-anticipated (core and amazingly deep underlying) answers often simply "show up"...

If you want to know about the consultations or the medical intuition, you'll want to start first with the Case Studies Intro page, because that's where the best information is. 
If you like learning, you will probably find some books of interest on the DNA Recommended Reading page.
If you're just looking for information, no matter where you begin, happy reading!
But here's one more thought to keep in mind as you browse around this website: When it comes to DNA and YOUR health, "an ounce of prevention is worth MUCH MORE than a pound of cure!"

 People take their cars for regular oil changes and other preventative maintenance... Why wait until "life catches up with you" before beginning with preventative health for your body?

No matter what your health is like, or how young (or old) you are, there isn't anyone who wouldn't benefit from a "DNA Tune-up".

If you're young, it will help that "optimal performance" you're looking for, and if you're no longer quite so young, it may help to improve your quality of life significantly.

There is NO "one size fits all" where DNA is concerned...
This isn't short-term
"do-this-now, pay-for-it-years-down-the-road" health;
This is Health for Life!


Page last updated on 9/26/2021

Joy McEntire
is highly medically intuitive,
with an extensive understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA, and more.

She is highly accurate and provides consultations internationally, for people of all ages, both in-person and via video chat.

Also known as The Joyful Healer, she is very experienced with helping people find amazing answers to not only their medical questions, but to ALL their health questions.