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Medical Intuitive ~ DNA Communicator ~ Healing at the level of DNA ~ Energy Healer ~ Matrix Energetics ~ Red & Infrared Light Therapy ~ Fun, Interactive Sessions
Helping people find health and harmony in life
Hello and Welcome!
I invite you to bring greater health to your body and
create more joy and harmony in your life!
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Begin aligning flows in your body and cells,
meridians and more, that will continue on long afterwards.
Heal at the level of DNA!
Create an energy field and flows that will continue to bring healing for many, many years down the road!
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Sessions are unique, FUN, interactive and effective.
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Working together, you can:
Bring greater health to your body, create more joy and harmony in your life. For example, you could:
... work with your health proactively, and from so many different angles that all come together effortlessly
... or find answers related to a specific health issue
Empower your children...
... and help them to carry health and harmony throughout their lives, by PROACTIVELY clearing health patterns, stresses, and traumas they may be carrying.
You will also find that the following types of things are gradually (and often very quickly!) releasing:
Traumas or injuries in the body...
     (often including childhood traumas)

Sadness, grief, despair, anger, anxiety, and other emotions...

Karma, emotional wounds and hurts

... and so much more
Help with Soul Transitions (death):
Sessions can help individuals who are crossing over to have a beautiful, peaceful transition.
... and there's always much more! The Sky is the Limit!
Healing is Cumulative ... and also very Tranformative!
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Many clients come initially for the medical intuition and DNA

... but they keep coming back for the unique and fun energy,
and so many of them come back saying they always feel better after sessions.
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Healing through the Body
Medical intuition is just one of the tools I use in working with your health. It is the ability to tune into your body and receive information about the condition of the body... often at the level of the DNA, nutritional balance, and more.
See the article Tuning In To Heal if you're curious about this gift.
In any case, working with the body is always a great place to start.
Among other things, you'll quickly learn that DNA is at the core of much more than you might have any idea... and that self-correcting and "resequencing" DNA is not out of the question at all if you know how to connect with it, or "speak the language".
Think "DNA Communicator", or "DNA Whisperer"...
It may also be helpful to know:
The results of sessions tend to be long-lasting in the energy field of clients… and the DNA of new clients will often begin changing and making updates, beginning in the energy field first, within a few appointments.
That's where the healing part comes in...
YOUR amazing DNA knows what to do...
All it needs is:
The "correct recipes", and figuring out the best order of the recipes, along with enough basic "ingredients" to actually implement the recipes...
Along with that comes releasing many things from cell memories that blocked the flow of core energy available to the body for healing, and bringing connectivity and flow through to the level of the DNA and each individual cell.
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"After seeing Joy, you’ll be wondering why everyone isn’t this intuitive."
Healing Through the Body's Energy Fields
We may also end up aligning and harmonizing your Energetic Field in the following areas:
Bioenergetic Balance
Craniosacral Rhythms and Cerebrospinal Fluid
"Just Add Light!"
... and a few other tools, including red & infrared light technology and other forms of photobiomodulation:
Red & infrared lights are just the beginning.
You'll often find us using the infrared technologies through many of my appointments, including video appointments. They've ended up increasing the healing energies many-fold, in ways that I couldn't have imagined and can't begin to explain in just a few words!
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What happens during time together ,
is ever-changing and always completely unique for everyone.
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Health... Physical, Spiritual, and on every level possible
After an interlude of several years of trying to work ONLY with the physical body and health, nutrients, chemistry, DNA and the like, it looks like I’m back to being a “healer” again, because as I touch energy, it shifts, more often than not into spaces that learn to move, and flow….
It’s just second-nature to help energy to move, it comes effortlessly, and it’s not possible to NOT do it!
This energy results in healing sessions that are wonderful for ALL people at all ages and all stages of life. In-person appointments are pure magic, but video appointments can be just as amazing and fun!
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All you need to do is “show up”
and the energy will begin working its magic.
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(from a client)
I’ve experienced magic and miracles working with Joy.

She works in ways that are completely unique and innovative, continually coming up with newer and even more creative ways to connect with the energies and expedite the healing.

Joy is extremely gifted at finding places in your energy and in the body that are stuck, and were preventing healing.

She’s able to get things moving and flowing smoothly again, initiating the healing process to begin and that will continue going forward.
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Page last updated on 7/6/2022

Joy McEntire
is highly medically intuitive,
with an extensive understanding of the body, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, proteins, DNA, and more.

She is highly accurate and provides consultations internationally, for people of all ages, both in-person and via video chat.

Also known as The Joyful Healer, she is very experienced with helping people find amazing answers to not only their medical questions, but to ALL their health questions.